The Ardent Nova FX is the perfect all-in-one for the cannabis infused chef.

It’s a $350 unit that can make weed edibles start to finish – from decarboxylation to infusion to baking.

Troy and Jerry have been testing the Ardent Nova FX! In our Feb 27 stream we covered the Ardent FX and also talked about the Vape Mail Ban.

Here is the portion of the show about the Ardent Nova FX. There are a few highlight clips below the video.

How the Ardent Nova FX is DIFFERENT

While other decarb machines are glorified and rebranded crock pots and soup blenders, the Ardent Nova FX is truly a custom tailored machine for using cannabis and CBD in the kitchen.

The Ardent FX has multiple sensors and an algorithmically controlled heating sequence to accurately and efficiently decarb cannabis and infuse cannabutter or coconut oil.


If you’ve ever done a google search for “How to decarb weed” or “how to make cannabutter” you’ve surely encountered the mess of inconsistent information and bro-science. The first 5 videos I watched on decarboxylating marijuana each showed different times and temperatures. Surely someone can figure this out?

Weed has been illegal and we’ve had to rely on folk-lore for most of the passed few decades.

Ardent makes this their differentiator – they’ve been applying real science and using real scientists to optimize their machine.

The Ardent FX has multiple sensors to maintain the specific temperature range needed to activate all of the THC and cannabinoids while not getting hot enough to destroy any of the precious medicine. Super Cool!

Ardent Nova FX – Is it WORTH IT?

This is obviously subjective and if you’re savvy enough you can decarb and infuse your cannabis without any proprietary appliances. You *really* only need a stovetop and some pans.

That said – the Ardent FX is simple, straightfoward, and most importantly – RELIABLE.

Weed is expensive and no one wants to waste it. The Ardent FX makes the entire process foolproof and easy.

The Ardent FX makes cooking with cannabis more accessible without mysterious and inconsistent learning curves, and to me that makes the price worth it.