In this stream Troy and Jerry go over some of the oldest, strangest, forgotten vapes and accessories from the last two decades. Check out some of the older designs and ideas that have come and gone, and some that need to stay!

Vapes covered in this stream

  • Magic Flight Launch Box and Finishing Grinder
  • Various scoops and tweezers
  • Stache Digitul
  • Degummed hemp fiber
  • Vape Spitoon
  • Artisan glass Vapcap stems
  • DIY dry herb mesh atomizer for box mods
  • Haze Dual vaporizer
  • Haze Square vaporizer
  • 7th Floor Life Saber vaporizer
  • 7th Floor Sidekick vaporizer
  • Ghost MV1 vaporizer
  • Iolite Wispr vaporizer
  • Iolite vaporizer
  • Goboof Alfa vaporizer
  • Elevape vaporizer
  • G43 vaporizer
  • Flowermate V5.0S vaporizer
  • Vapolution vaporizer
  • Supreme vaporizer
  • Minivap vaporizer
  • The Hammer vaporizer
  • Purple Days log vaporizer
  • Lil Bud and Lil Bud Elite vaporizers
  • Mist vaporizer
  • Boundless Tera vaporizer
  • Flashvape vaporizer
  • Venus Apollo vaporizer
  • RBT Zion vaporizer
  • The Project by Pipes DIY box mod vaporizer

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