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Snowtill’s Piescream is the Best Yet!

snowtill nugget

Troy and I have been waiting for this one! We have truly enjoyed each Snowtill strain we’ve tried, but the Piescream is a cut above. In fact, Troy has called it the best weed he had in 2023. The nugs are frosty and firm, with strong smells of sweet gas. We first tried it in Los Angeles last year and immediately fell in love, and it continues to impress today.

The Stunner – a portable and affordable ball vape

The Stunner

This evening we get to beat up the one torch-powered portable vape we didn’t have when we rounded them all up – The Stunner. This one has balls and a sweet price! It’s similar to the others with manual torch controls that let you fuck it up all you want. But with a little practice you might fall in love with the vapor.

The Stunner has two heaters, one for wide-open bubbler hits and another with tighter air flow for thicker hits. I prefer the wide open heater, even on the dry stem. I’d rather slow down the draw myself than be restricted to a point. It just feels easier on the chest.

Get ready for some fun tonight! We’re gonna hit the Stunner and try to avoid combustion penalty dabs. Then we’ll slot it into our rankings on the chart for torch-powered dry herb portable vapes.

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

The Stunner

The Stunner with the high-flow heater to the side.

Anvil, Tempest and Stunner

From left to right: Anvil, Tempest, Stunner

Stunner in hand

Overall, the Stunner is the largest DynaVapy vape I have.

Stunner parts 1

Stunner parts from left to right: the stem (heatsink end), high-flow heater, low-flow heater, bowl

Stunner parts 2

Another parts shot, but this is from the other end of the stem. Look at how thick that stainless steel liner is! It’s a very durable stem.

stunner lying on stand

Here I have the high-flow heater installed, with the low-flow heater to the right.

Stunner new

A packed bowl with hte low-flow heater. This is the underside of the heater when it’s clean.

Stunner used

Same shot here, but the heater on the right is one I combusted with. Imma clean it before the stream!

Stunner heaters

Both heaters from the side. The titanium develops a nice patina after a couple sessions!

Stunner heaters - top view

A look at the intake from the end. Low-flow heater on left, high-flow heater on right. It’s easy to see why they’re different!


Here’s the bowl remoced from the stem.

Inside the bowl

And a look into the bowl. It’s not a huge bowl, but the one-hit extractions make it feel big.

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about Snowtill Organics or the Stunner? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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