You probably know the Brilliant Cut Grinder is our favorite grinder. But what’s with all the different grinder plates? Why do you need more than one grind style?

Coarse is cleaner

A coarse grind can leave behind a cleaner vape. When you grind to a fine consistency, all the little bits stick to the screens more, and you’ll clean way more often. A coarse grind doesn’t leave as much behind.

Fine grind for quick and fast

Want to clear a bowl as quickly as possible? Use a fine grind. The increased surface area releases more goodies quicker. The hits are massive, but the taste can take a hit.

Coarse grind for slow and flavorful

Use a coarse grind when you want to enjoy the flavor, and extend your session a few more hits. You’ll get lighter, tastier vapor, and find flavors that escaped with a quicker session.

A happy Medium

Most of the time I use the medium grind for a nice balance. Not too fast, not too slow, and still plenty of flavor and punch. Use the other grind plates when you want to experience the full spectrum.

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