Anvil vs Dynavap & Desktop Vapes

There’s no way to deny that the Anvil vaporizer by Vestratto performs excellently! From cloud production, to vapor potency, the Anvil is definitely a heavy hitter. Find out how Troy and Jerry think the Anvil compares to other weed vapes, including the Dynavap and other desktop vapes.

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3 thoughts on “Anvil vs Dynavap & Desktop Vapes”

  1. “How do I say this nicely?”
    The Anvil is beautiful and most seem to find it very efficient at extracting terpy goodness.
    It can sit next to the Vapcap but not replace it. Dynavap laid down the foundation for an affordable,
    no frills, reliable and easy to manage vape. A one-hitter at approx $200 is expensive and clearly designed for those who can afford the premium experience and don’t mind the tinkering
    All respect to its creator as there is room for the Anvil too. The FMJ is an augmented cap at an affordable price that won’t detract from the Anvil but could lead to a purchase for the aficionados.
    A spirit of collaboration and know-how are a must in the herb vape space.
    Keep telling it like it is T & J


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