In a world short on desktop vaporizers, we need the Ditanium! The tech under the hood is standard whip vape stuff, but everything else is unique. I got the bamboo, which shows off the vertical grain strokes, while Troy sports the black version. The heater cover is titanium and gets hot, but is recessed into the wood shell, like a turtle, and really only burns with a deliberate touch. The top has a quartz dish for dabbing. Yup – this thing vapes herbs and dabs, even at the same time, and is the Ditanium’s outstanding feature.

Buy a Ditainum for $279 at Planet of the Vapes

Get the gripes out of the way

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. The temp range for good dabs is a pretty narrow band on the dial, so it’s really best for mid-temp dabs. Low temp dabs can take a little long, and high temp dabs can scorch when you venture outside the safe zone of about noon to two o’clock on the dial. Other gripes include a horizontal loading design that encourages the herbs to tumble down the bowl, and the lack of an included carb cap or dab/stir tool.

Troy’s take: “I get pretty hung up on these gripes and want a better dabbing experience. The the Ditanium is a great value, but it lacks the agility to tune-in the vapor for the dual-purpose use that it is clearly designed for. I recommend the Ditanium to users who medicate all day and want a simple and affordable basic whip-based desktop vape, but if you’re all day herb and dabs, just buy 2 devices. Check out my full Ditanium Review.”

Strong punch, and then some

But the vapor signature on this one is strong – which means it can knock you out. No joke, for whatever reason, when I come to this vape, it just punches. And when I use it enough to take the edge off, I can drop dabs on top to really push me over the hump. In fact, when my beloved Herborizer broke last year, the Ditanium was next up, solely because of that signature.

From Troy: “I would like to re-iterate the slight learning curve and the lack of agility in-use – this is exactly where it applies. You can ABSOLUTELY get great hits from the Ditanium, but the vape has a “window of ideal usage” – you can’t just inhale super hard, you have to “hit it right”.

Is it worth it?

Good question. Since value is a highly person thing, only you can answer that for yourself. But we go over the other desktops within the price range, and drop our two cents on it. With not a ton of competition, we think it slides into a good spot.

Pick it up at Planet of the Vapes for $279.