Pax vaporizers are one of the most well-known names in the dry herb space. Even if you don’t know of any other vapes, many have seen a Pax in a smoke shop, or maybe heard an artist drop the name in their music. The Pax 3 was released in 2016 and runs for $150-$250 nowadays. A great many vapes have joined the market since then, so let’s take a look at the best alternatives to the Pax within (or below) that budget.

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Conduction vapes produce stoney effects, with droopy eyelids and a strong body high. Let’s look at other conduction vapes similar to the Pax, like the Davinci IQ2, Boundless CFX+, and Dynavap. 

Troy prefers his Davinci IQ2 for the notable features it offers. The built-in stir tool and internal herb storage make the IQ2 easy to use, and the replaceable battery allows for a fully charged vape within minutes, instead of hours. These are offerings that many other conduction vapes lack.

The Arizer ArGo isn’t full conduction like the Pax, but the all-glass vapor path offers significantly more tasty vapor within its compact body. The smaller herb bowl limits the effects of the ArGo, which makes this vaporizer ideal for users with a low to medium tolerance.

For stronger effects, the Boundless CFX+ can pack a large amount of herb inside its huge bowl. Pass this vape around a group, and everyone will be satisfied, or vaporize a full bowl to yourself and get faded!

A fan favorite for stoney effects, the Dynavap produces potent sedation from small amounts of flower. Dynavap VapCaps feature a compact “pen” form factor, which some people strongly prefer. Dynavap’s M series remains incredibly popular, as it combines thick clouds and strong effects with an affordable and durable stainless steel body.

Budget Bundles

Since many of these dry herb vapes cost significantly less than the Pax, we decided to make some vaporizer combos that people can consider at a similar budget.

Dynavap M ($75) + POTV ONE ($100) = $175 


DYNAVAP BUNDLE OR PLANET OF THE VAPES BUNDLE (Same deal, you choose where you buy)

The Dynavap M offers stoney effects and great flavor, while the ONE produces tasty vapor in a small form factor. Both are very pocketable, this combo is a great taste of both butane-powered and battery-powered vapes aimed at portability and durability. For a limited time both Dynavap and Planet of the Vapes sell the Dynavap M and ONE bundled together for $140. What a killer deal!

XMAX Starry ($100) + POTV ONE ($100) = $200

The Starry can reach super high temperatures for an almost smokey vapor (if you’re into that), and features replaceable batteries so that you’re never out of a charge.

Healthy Rips Rogue ($160) + Dynavap M ($75) = $235

The Rogue is a tasty and reliable battery-powered vape, with a tough body that can take a beating. The Dynavap M maintains the theme, with its durable stainless steel form, and tasty vapor.

Looking for more info?

Now we’ve covered what we think are the best Pax alternatives, as well as the best conduction weed vapes. The Pax 3 was released in 2016, and set the standards for the weed vape market, but now a great many flower vaporizers have joined the dry herb vape scene, with more features and a lower entry price!

If you have any more questions, or you wish to get more engaged with others who vaporize their herbs, you are welcome to join the 420vapezone Discord. We have a friendly community of weed vape enthusiasts who enjoy vaping together and engage in discussions of all kinds. Cheers, and happy vaping!

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