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Troy and Jerry ThinkDank

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Troy and Jerry ThinkDank

The Dreamwood Glow 510 Dry Herb Atty

In our full roundup of 510 atty vapes, we covered the Dreamwood Glow – 14mm and 18mm versions. Talk about craftsmanship!

One of the last 510 attys

You know what sucks? The lack of dry herb atomizers for 510 threaded box mods. There was a time when they were the rage, but now there are only a few options. Today, you can still buy the Dreamwood Glow straight from the manufacturer.

In this video we go over both Glow attys, and show off some nice wood! These little guys suffer from the same thing the other 510 attys do, cooling the vapor. But our versions are old, with wood stems that don’t cool for shit. Now you can get glass cooling stems to come with, and you’re probably good to go!

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