Log vapes are one of the oldest classifications of dry herb vapes. Named after their cylindrical wooden housing, Log Vapes are small-but-powerful.

Log vapes are typically designed to vaporize smaller amounts of herb. Perfect for microdosing, the typical bowl size for a log vape is 0.05g to 0.12g.

Troy and Jerry’s Log Vape Collection


Log Vape History

Some of these vapes are no longer made, but several are still in production and still growing in popularity!

Purple Days Log Vape – The Purple Days launched in 2008 after 3 years of conceptualization and development. Early units contained a small purple pilot light LED that was recessed into the wood. The Purple Days used an industrial ceramic resistor and a stainless steel heat exchanger to produce passive convection heating. Stainless steel stems were used for the bowl and vapor path along with food-grade plastic. FC thread for reference

Underdog Log Vape – The Underdog is still in production and is considered one of the best log vapes available. They started out in 2009 and suffered a tragic shutdown in 2018 when California wildfires ravaged their entire town. As of 2020 Underdog is back to full operation.

Heat Island – Made by Toasty Top, the Heat Island is still available via custom orders.

Eds TNT Woodscents – The Woodscents is the most up-to-date and modernized log vape on the market. The Woodscents uses a titanium heater core that fits native to a Dynavap tip. Woodscents log vapes can be used with an all-glass stem and bowl piece, or with any combination of Dynavap tips and stems. Ed even includes every option with each unit sold – this means you get a *matching* wooden stem with a Dynavap tip, a *matching* wooden WPA, two glass stems, and a glass WPA. Ed makes great vapes and vape accessories – available at Eds TNT.

Enano Vaporizer – The E-nano vape is the most popular log vape on the market. Made in the USA and available at several respected online vape stores, the Enano uses all-glass stems and bowls and a stainless steel heater core.

Eterra Vaporizer (Not Shown) – The Eterra is one of the earliest vaporizers. It was produced by a company called FlashVap, and they stopped making and selling the Eterra in 1999. Bob Burruss was the inventor and innovator of FlashVap and is considered one of the founding fathers of the cannabis vape industry. Bob passed away in February 2021 and we will forever be grateful for his contributions.

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