Microdose Your Weed with a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Microdosing is a hot topic in the cannabis world, but what is it? And how can a dry herb vaporizer help the cause? Tonight we go over the two main ways to microdose marijuana, and the best vapes to get it done. Grab your smallest bowls, pull up a chair, and let’s get dinky with … Read more

Vape History: Wooden Log Vapes // Artisan-made Dry Herb Vapes

Log vapes are one of the oldest classifications of dry herb vapes. Named after their cylindrical wooden housing, Log Vapes are small-but-powerful. Log vapes are typically designed to vaporize smaller amounts of herb. Perfect for microdosing, the typical bowl size for a log vape is 0.05g to 0.12g. Troy and Jerry’s Log Vape Collection Log … Read more