Dynavap 2021 TED Lineup

Dynavap is a premium manufacturer of cannabis extraction devices from Wisconsin. They’ve been leading and innovating in the dry herb vaporizer revamped their entire line of Thermal Extraction Devices in 2021. Dynavap Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs) are used by cannabis users both medicinally and recreationally as an alternative to smoking. Traditional bongs, joints, and blunts … Read more

Canna Bumps THC Coke-Wannabe Blown off Market

At this point we’re not even sure Canna Bumps was a real product. THC Living is the brand identified as the creator, but there is no mention of Canna Bumps or any other cocaine-like cannabis powder on their website. Regardless, the response to a potential THC infused nose candy has been ill-received by most marijuana … Read more

Ardent Nova FX // Cannabutter Made Easier

The Ardent Nova FX is the perfect all-in-one for the cannabis infused chef. It’s a $350 unit that can make weed edibles start to finish – from decarboxylation to infusion to baking. Troy and Jerry have been testing the Ardent Nova FX! In our Feb 27 stream we covered the Ardent FX and also talked … Read more


Storz & Bickel is celebrating their 20th anniversary by giving away several 24K gold Volcano Classics, signed by founders Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel, and we get to give one of them away! How to enter: 1. Follow @troyandjerry on Instagram 2. Sign up for our email list Winner will be announced during the March … Read more

Aromed Vaporizer – Freaky Friday Halloween Stream

What is the Aromed? The Aromed is a tabletop herbal vaporizer engineered and built in Germany. The Aromed uses a halogen bulb as the heat source and was the first of its kind to use this heating technology. The Aromed was also one of the first to use water filtration. When was the Aromed available? … Read more

Volcano Hybrid safety issue fix is ready!

It’s time to get your Volcano Hybrid updated and back in the rotation! Storz & Bickel is now shipping the safety issue fix we’ve been waiting for all year. If you’re a Volcano Hybrid owner and haven’t already claimed your updated Filling Chamber kit, do it here. We got our first look at the safety … Read more