Mighty Showdown: Mighty+ vs OG Mighty Vape

The Mighty+ is easily the most hyped vaporizer release of the year. Prior to its release, even the idea of a potential Mighty vape update was often the most cited reason for not buying the Mighty. People were scared of buying the #1 portable vape and having it become the #2 portable vape. Mighty owners … Read more

Flowerpot BALLER HEAD: Newest Ball Vape is Cannabis Hardware’s HARDEST HITTING HERB VAPE

We predicted way back in June of 2020 that balls will be the future of the next generation’s best vapes. Today the dry herb cannabis vape market is blossoming with ripe and righteous heavy-hitting vaporizers powered by – you guessed it – BALLS. Cannabis Hardware, maker of the legendary Flowerpot desktop vape, has introduced a … Read more

CROSSING STREAMS // One More Bowl x Think Dank

I’m pretty sure someone has warned us about crossing the streams, but we’ve never been one to abide by the rules. Monk, Brian, and Blake joined in for an epic ThinkDank sesh. Major One More Bowl Update After two seasons, totaling 40 episodes (nearly a year of OMB!), we took the opportunity while a few … Read more

Vape History: Wooden Log Vapes // Artisan-made Dry Herb Vapes

Log vapes are one of the oldest classifications of dry herb vapes. Named after their cylindrical wooden housing, Log Vapes are small-but-powerful. Log vapes are typically designed to vaporize smaller amounts of herb. Perfect for microdosing, the typical bowl size for a log vape is 0.05g to 0.12g. Troy and Jerry’s Log Vape Collection Log … Read more

Dynavap 2021 TED Lineup

Dynavap is a premium manufacturer of cannabis extraction devices from Wisconsin. They’ve been leading and innovating in the dry herb vaporizer revamped their entire line of Thermal Extraction Devices in 2021. Dynavap Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs) are used by cannabis users both medicinally and recreationally as an alternative to smoking. Traditional bongs, joints, and blunts … Read more

Canna Bumps THC Coke-Wannabe Blown off Market

At this point we’re not even sure Canna Bumps was a real product. THC Living is the brand identified as the creator, but there is no mention of Canna Bumps or any other cocaine-like cannabis powder on their website. Regardless, the response to a potential THC infused nose candy has been ill-received by most marijuana … Read more

LIVE TONIGHT: Artisinal & Handmade Weed Vapes + Accessories

Last week we dedicated an entire episode to Dynavap and their myriad of thermal extraction devices and 3rd party makers. One thing that stood out was the amount of artist and artisans making vapes and vape accessories. Tonight we’re going to explore our collections of vapes and cannabis paraphernalia to highlight all of the handmade … Read more