The Mighty+ is easily the most hyped vaporizer release of the year. Prior to its release, even the idea of a potential Mighty vape update was often the most cited reason for not buying the Mighty. People were scared of buying the #1 portable vape and having it become the #2 portable vape. Mighty owners want the best and the Mighty+ delivers the best – but is it any better than the OG Mighty? It’s complicated – but we got you covered.

Mighty+ Upgrade: What did they really upgrade?

Here’s the first look at the NEW Mighty+ Upgrades

The Mighty+ has been updated with a few key components and features, as well as a few casual improvements that Storz hasn’t really talked about.

Mighty+ and Mighty Vapes side by side
Side by side the Mighty+ is the same size as the original Mighty

Mighty+ is now USB-C – While the Mighty+ doesn’t actually come with a fast charger or even a fast capable cable, the vaporizer is now charged via USB-C. Any 45-watt capable USB-C charger should charge the Mighty+ in about an hour. The Mighty OG charges at a similar, but slightly slower rate using a wall charger.

Mighty+ has a ceramic-coated bowl. This upgraded material promises more durability and stain resistance than the softer aluminum bowl in the original Mighty.

Now with FEET – you read that right. The Mighty+ has little feet to help it stand up. More on the upgraded feet video below.

Multi-Boost Temperature Settings – Mighty+ has improved software similar to the Craft+ boost interface. Double-tapping the power button raises the temp 27F, triple-tapping raises it another 27F (or raises to the maximum temp of 410F). This feature is great for temperature stepping and maximizing the duration of your vapor.

The Mighty+ has some nice additional features over the Mighty OG – but the vapor is effectively the same.

– Troy, the Mighty Vape Expert

Mighy PLUS vs Mighty OG – Battle of the MIGHTYS

Might PLUS vs Mighty OG

But the Mighty OG is still available – and NOW AT A DISCOUNT. Since the vapor is pretty much the same – shoppers looking to save money and still get an amazing vape can buy the OG Mighty and be comfortable knowing they still have a champion.

USB-C is a great convenience for vape users already invested in USB-C chargers. Android and Macbook users rejoice. Samsung phone chargers have reportedly worked well, but not as fast as the optional fast charger from Storz & Bickel.

The Mighty+ is available NOW directly from Storz & Bickel

The OG Mighty uses a wall charger, which isn’t very convenient – but the OG Mighty does charge fast.

The ceramic bowl upgrades of the Mighty+ are welcome changes over the soft aluminum bowl of the original Mighty. The OG Mighty bowl was known to get stained and caked with reclaim after a year or two of heavy use. The new Mighty+ ceramic coated bowl promises to resist this reclaim buildup and be more durable.

The feet though? The feet are a flop. While the OG Mighty doesn’t really stand up very well on its own – the Mighty+ with its feet still doesn’t really stand up very well on its own. BUT DOES IT NEED TO?

While the feet are a flop – overall the Mighty+ upgrades are worth it. The USB-C alone gives Mighty+ owners the freedom to charge anywhere.

If that convenience isn’t worth the $100, just go with the Mighty OG.

Regardless of which Mighty you choose – you’ll be enjoying clouds of fluffy delicious weed vapor for years to come.

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