XVAPE has provided the cannabis vape market with good quality weed vaporizers at affordable prices for years now, and we don’t see any changes there. However, XVAPE has pushed into the more premium market under the brand XLUX with the capable and attractive Roffu. Today we’ll cover two well-received vaporizers from XVAPE, as well as introduce the Roffu from XLUX.


When a portable weed vape with good battery life is slim enough to be pocketable and still produce tasty vapor without breaking the bank, take note. The Aria by XVAPE fits the bill, and in style with several sleek looks to choose from. If you like colors that pop, the Tommy Chong Aria kit is a beautiful choice. 

To use the Aria, pop off the magnetic mouthpiece, and fill the ceramic chamber with your herbs. A more tightly packed bowl allows for easy sips of thick, tasty vapor, or it can be packed looser if you inhale long and slow. Turn the vape on, and check the OLED screen for the temperature. Press the lower buttons to adjust the temperature, or if it’s how you like, simply wait for the heater and inhale once it begins to produce vapor. Inhale in small sips, and savor the flavors and sedative effects.
For you vape geeks out there, here’s some details on the Aria’s specifications. XVAPE states that the battery lasts about 75 minutes per charge, and the bowl holds about 0.2 grams of cannabis. It features a conduction bowl with an adjustable temperature up to 464°F (240°C), which actually performs extremely well with CBD flower. In fact, the Aria is still Troy’s favorite portable dry herb vape for CBD flower, as it produces flavors and effects that he doesn’t detect in other weed vapes. The bowl is easily emptied with the built-in stir tool, and for improved heat dissipation, the Aria uses a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece. The Aria is a great portable dry herb vaporizer, with plenty of features packed into its sleek body. Pick up the Aria from XVAPE for a reliable way to enjoy vaping dry herb on-the-go.

XLUX Roffu

The Roffu by XLUX is a full convection portable weed vape for dry herb. XLUX is the more premium line of vaporizers from XVAPE, and the Roffu is the first dry herb vape under the XLUX name. The focus is to produce products with materials that look and feel more premium, while XVAPE remains focused on their affordable line of products. 

In order to use the Roffu, first remove the top segment of the vape, which holds the mouthpiece and the vapor cooling system. Load the bowl with ground up cannabis and place the mouthpiece back on. Turn on the vape, and wait for the heater to reach the set temperature before you begin to inhale. For added convenience, the Roffu will vibrate when it’s ready to hit.
The Roffu features session mode for continuous back-to-back hits, and on-demand mode for occasional hits every now and then. This flexibility allows the vape to appeal to a wider audience. Full convection vapes often produce rich vapor with flavor and potency, and the Roffu is no exception. The vaporizer is housed in an attractive brushed aluminum shell, with a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece to cool the vapor. The screen located on the side displays the set temperature, battery charge, current temperature, and the current heater mode (Session or On-Demand). The Roffu by XLUX is a capable vaporizer with tasty vapor and an attractive appearance.

XVape Vista Mini 2

XVAPE continues to a name for themselves with their affordable devices that perform great, and the Vista Mini 2 holds true to these values. One of the few e-rigs available for less than $200, the Vista Mini 2 offers solid performance and useful features within its small form factor

To use the Vista Mini 2, pop off the carb cap to expose the atomizer. For best results, load a rice-grain sized amount of cannabis concentrate into the bottom of the atomizer (not against the sides), and place the carb cap back on top. Triple press the button to turn the vape on, and press it once more to start the heater. If you’d like to change temperatures, double press the button to cycle through four preset temperature options. After a single press of the button, the Vista Mini 2 will begin to flash as the atomizer heats up, and it’ll vibrate when it’s ready to be hit. As the concentrates vaporize, slowly sip on the mouthpiece, and watch the vapor billow downwards into the bubbler. Don’t inhale hard, as this will thin out the vapor. To interact with the vapor, place your finger partway over the carb hole to restrict the flow of fresh air as you inhale. This adjusts the density of the cloud, which affects your hit, and can be a lot of fun to watch the vapor swirl around, especially as you get more medicated.

The Vista Mini 2 features a stationary carb cap that remains attached to the vape and won’t fall off and break, regardless of how you hold it or hit it. It also has wireless charging so you can ditch the cord! Currently the only other e-rig with this feature is the Puffco Peak Pro, and that costs $400! If an e-rig is on your radar, and you don’t want to part with an arm and a leg to pick one up, the Vista Mini 2 is a solid option. With reliable performance and wireless charging, it’s packed with features while remaining one of the most affordable e-rigs on the market.

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