This week we dropped a boatload of videos with our initial reactions to the Storz & Bickel announcements this month. We hash out what we think the details mean for the Mighty+, improved Crafty+, Volcano Classic Onyx and Volcano Hybrid Onyx dry herb vaporizers.

Volcano Onyx // 2021 Black as Troy’s Soul Edition

The Onyx Volcanos look amazing, and we can’t wait to get them on our shelves! The only touted difference was the color, so we expect everything to remain the same under the hood.

Mighty+ Vape // 2021 Updates

The Mighty+ is what we all wanted to hear about, and it looks like we have an improved vaporizer. Stands up, heats up quicker, and can charge faster with the optional Super Charger. We’re ready!

Crafty+ Vape Updates // USB-C + Ceramic Bowl

In a surprise move, the Crafty+ will get an upgrade. The latest version will charge faster with a USB-C port. But what about this ceramic bowl? How will that effect the vapor and sessions?

Storz & Bickel *seems* like a good company

The Keynote address gave us a peek into the Storz & Bickel facility in Germany. It’s green and looks like a great place to work, and is where almost all the S&B magic happens.

How many units does Storz & Bickel sell? // Mighty Vape Sales Data

Half a million Mightys? That’s a lot of vaporizers! Small for electronics, but huge for the vape industry. We take a quick minute to talk about what that means and where the Mighty fits.

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