We predicted way back in June of 2020 that balls will be the future of the next generation’s best vapes.

Today the dry herb cannabis vape market is blossoming with ripe and righteous heavy-hitting vaporizers powered by – you guessed it – BALLS.

Cannabis Hardware, maker of the legendary Flowerpot desktop vape, has introduced a new BALL FILLED vape called the Baller Head.

The Flowerpot is truly the only dual-purpose vape – capable of both enail dabs and dry herb vaping at the same time. It’s been through several iterations over the years and it’s always been considered an end-game vape, but with the addition of quartz balls dramatically increases the surface area in the heater. The result is a powerful vaporizer that increases in power as you pull harder and faster.

The B2 currently sits at #1 on the Hardest Hitting Dry Herb Vape List

Hardest Hitting Vape Ever?

It’s close – but nothing currently competes with a double-decker dab with the Flowerpot Baller Head. The SIC or Sapphire dish delivers a terp-rich dabbing experience while thoroughly vaporizing a full .25g bowl of ground cannabis – all in one big inhalation.

It’s an intense vapor, dense and thick with terpenes and cannabinoids. It’s not for the casual cannabis user – this thing is for professional stoners only.

Use code TROYTIME to save at Cannabis Hardware or see more about the Flowerpot at 420vapezone.

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