The G Pen Elite 2 is a pretty decent vape, but expensive. In this video we line it up head-to-head with others in its price class and tell you what we think.


G Pen Elite II

$250 for Elite II “that’s a lot of bones.” – Troy

That is a lot of bones, especially for a vape. At this price it should be a top shelf vape. But it still has some weaknesses, like a poorly thought-out display. But the vapor is good, so how does it stack up against others in its price range?

Compared to the PAX 3, it feels comparable but with a convection boost. The G Pen Elite 2 feels more like a conduction vape than convection, and the vapor more closely resembles a PAX than a Crafty+ or Mighty+. Troy liked the Elite 2 better than the PAX 3, but Jerry thought the opposite. The PAX is a better overall package and has a bigger bowl, even if we don’t like the proprietary charge dock.

Compared to the Storz & Bickel vapes, it wasn’t even close. We both preferred the Mighty+ and the Crafty+ to the Elite 2. The vapor is lighter and tastier, and the temperature control felt more stable.

The Elite 2 dry herb vaporizer is priced between the DaVinci IQ2 and IQC vaporizers, and that price difference makes the difference. I would get the IQC before the Elite 2, but would think twice about the higher priced IQ2.

Crafty+ – mostly convection (Jerry uses this one)

What about concentrates?

Forget about concentrates with the G Pen Elite 2 dry herb vape. It doesn’t pretend to do extracts. This one is for flower only. Some will be tempted to come up with a work-around, but this heater won’t do well with dabs no matter what you do to it.

Which one should you get?

The bottom line is still the same with G Pen – there are better options out there. But at least with the Elite 2 you get a decent vape for a change. Even when we thought we preferred the Elite 2 in side-by-side tests, it was hard not to choose the competition given the history.