One of our favorite artisan vape makers is Lamart, out of Switzerland. Lamart is a very small shop with multiple vape designs, and all of them can rip your face off! They’re made in small batches, and wait times are typical, so get in line and put your patient pants on.

The Tubo Evic

Most people don’t start a review with a product you can’t get anymore, but it all began here for me. This portable on-demand convection vape rocked me a few years back. It’s a popular box mod with a hand made atomizer riding sidecar, all wrapped in laser cut wood panels. The atomizer consisted of three heater wires, each wrapped inside a glass tube – talk about a monster!

The controls were typical box mod controls, but Lamart customized the firmware and really changed the game. It worked as an on-demand or session vape, and more customization was to come.

I took it to countless trips to Universal with a stubby mouthpiece and a fanny pack. I even got one of his short whips with color wrapping that made it a portable hookah. After the Tubo Evic, Lamart made an Evic Dual, with a single or double battery pack. Both are amazing vapes, and collector’s items. But they were just a prelude to the P80.

P80 with Tetra heater

The Tetra heater is just like the heater in the Tubo Evic, only with an extra heater for a total of four! Just as important, Lamart changed the box mod to the P80, another wildly popular box mod that would run the custom Evic firmware. The firmware is important, because it houses years of custom work done to the interface. You can customize just about everything, from the session time, to the heat up time, to all the usual coil settings you can tweak with a box mod. Nerds rejoice!

The Tetra P80 Smacks! Whether you want on-demand convection vapor, or a relaxing session, it will crush you. The heater is an 18mm female joint that can mate with any 18mm male stem for direct draw, or an adapter with glass. The chamber for the removable 18650 battery also houses a stir tool. The power button is the screen, so you squeeze it like a trigger when you hit it…unless you’re relaxing into session mode. With multiple woods, and custom engraving, you can geek out all day dreaming about what yours will look like. This vape is worth the wait…go ahead and get in line!


Troy showed off his PIRO vape, and talked about how the design is different from others. Lamart innovates, and this is the best performing vape of its kind. The curve on the intake seems to soften what would otherwise scorch a load. Drop it on a bubbler, grab your torch, and get blasted!

TETRAx and Straw

The TETRAx is what you need if you want a dry herb vaporizer and already have a bad ass box mod. It’s the Tetra heater in the P80, but connected via cable to a 510 threading so you can use it on any box mod. We give the TETRAx a hearty recommendation for heavy hitters with box mods at the ready.

The Straw is a simplistic way to take dabs on a bubbler. It’s a coil on a wood deck, connected to a glass stem. Super simple, and super effective. Cheap and efficient, too…add one to your order!

Lamart is a safe choice for quality

Lamart is a small operation, and there will be clerical errors. But the vapes are worth it. Every vape I have from Lamart is an absolute smasher, and the P80 simply does what other vapes can’t. Every time I pick it up, I consider it one of my top portables. If you get in on one of his small run batches, consider yourself lucky!

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