For the Dabbers

Have someone in your life that takes their concentrates seriously? Or at least in high doses? We’ve got you covered. 

Terp Slurper / Bowl Display

Pulsar Terp Slurper Display Stand

This borosilicate bowl stand / banger display is perfect for dabbers and smokers who collect bowls or bangers. This works perfect for storing 10 terp slurpers!

Blazer Big Shot

Blazer Big Shot - $50+

The Blazer GT8000 “Big Shot” is considered the gold standard in butane torches – both for dabbers and plumbers. They’re available in limited edition colors, some even have glow-in-the-dark logos.

Mini fridge for dabs

Dab / Terp Fridge - $30

Connoisseurs keep their dabs cool to prevent terpene loss and maintain rosin consistencies.

Dab Caddy

Old Head Dab Caddy

The Dab Caddy is an insulated tumbler designed for storing your dabs and keeping them cool! The lower half holds ice cubes to keep your terps cool all day long.

MJ Arsenal mini dab rig

Micro Dab Rig - $65

This micro-sized rig and banger from MJ Arsenal make a great stocking stuffer.

Digitul Dab Scale

Digitul Dab Scale - $24

This little dab tool doubles as a digital dab scale. Don’t expect accuracy down to the .01 though, it really only registers .15+.

Puffco Hot Knife

Puffco Hot Knife

The Puffco Hot Knife is a must-have dabbing accessory for Puffco Peak and Proxy users. This heated dab tool is perfect for placing sticky dabs in hard-to-reach places.

Dab Tools by Rogue Wax Works

Handmade Dab Tools

RogueWaxWorks has a massive selection of wooden-handled dab tools and beyond.

Zoocura Torch (Cheaper than blazer big shot)

Big Shot Alternative - Zoocura

This torch is pretty nice at 1/4 the price of the Blazer Big Shot. It’s a dual flame torch that’s OK!

For the Traditional Stoner

Everybody smokes, right? If not they should. Send them a little hint if they need it.

Raw Roling Tray

Triple Flip Magnetic Rolling Tray

This 3-panel magnetic tray is great for rollers and vaporists alike. There’s a spot to store a grinder, a rolling compartment, places for tools, etc. This looks great!

Mini Vacuum

Mini Vacuum

These mini desk vacuums are perfect for cleaning up after a sesh. Great for around the house or in the car!

Puffco Cupsy

Cupsy by Puffco

It’s a little bong that looks like a freakin’ coffee cup! It even has a flip-open mouthpiece and a little flap to cover the bowl. Brilliant.

Stoner hemp backpack

Hemp Backpacks

This is the classic stoner hemp-fiber backpack. Pulsar has a variety of designs, some danker than others. 

Skunk Bag

Skunk Smell-proof Side Sling Bag - $35

This little bag is perfect for packing a couple of vapes or a little dab rig.  This odor-proof bag includes 2 removable dividers to personalize your storage.


Jyarz Weed Storage - $24

These glass-lined jars are air-tight and waterproof. The double-sealing lid makes a smell-resistant way to store and travel with cannabis.


Welcome to our first annual Stoner Gift Guide! If you’re looking for gift ideas for the stoner in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Curated by some of your favorite creators in the cannabis space, we’re sure that you’ll find something for your friend (and most certainly yourself) to put under the tree.

The Stoner Gift Guide brought to you by Troy & Jerry Think Dank in collaboration with some of our favorite creators in the cannabis space.

We wanted to create a guide that spoke to every kind of cannabis consumer, so we asked your favorite creators to share some of their own holiday wish list items to help you pick out the best gifts for yourself, or a friend! Ready to dive in? Let’s meet the creators who helped us put this stoner gift guide together.

All of the creators who are featured in the stoner gift guide.

Want to see more content from these guys? Follow them on Instagram! @koala.puffss, @kimmytanofficial, @eliastheodorou, @stickstones420, @420_vapezone, @thathighcouple, @shanellindsay (@ardentllc), @sneakypetevaporizers, @dynatography (@dynavap), @austyn_simrell (@simrellcollection), @george.vapefiend (@vapefiend), @eds_tnt, @curtisterps

Now that you know who made these suggestions, let’s get into the good stuff!

Gifts for the canna-cook included on the Stoner Gift Guide.

Portable vapes recommended on the Stoner Gift Guide

Dab rigs and accessories for concentrates vaporizers on the Stoner Gift Guide

About to add a RiO or ConNectar to your cart? You can use code troyandjerry when you shop at Stache Products to save 10% and let them know that we sent you!

Heavy hitting desktops included in the Stoner Gift Guide

Collector's items from the Stoner Gift Guide.

Accessories for every pot head as recommended in the Stoner Gift Guide.

  • Wakit Grinder
  • Brilliant Cut Grinder by Grinders for Life – “I like to vape whole nugs, but I still reach for this grinder. I’m not sure I’d grind anymore if I didn’t have a Brilliant Cut Grinder!” – Jerry
  • Kannastor Grinder
  • Grinder Card – Great in a pinch. There are plenty to choose from so pick your favorite design.
  • Measuring Spoon by Old Head Trading Company – “By far my fave spoon…I use it with everything but my cereal!” – Jerry
  • Paxton Pearl Wraps – by Brother’s Broadleaf
  • Big Papi Storage Container by JYARZ – JYARz containers are the shit! Smell proof, shock resistant, with the purity of glass, and proceeds clean up our oceans. Storing weed never felt so good!
  • Sustainable Stashbox Set by The High Consultants Group
  • Str8 Rolling Kit
  • Koality Box – Want to gift well after the holidays? Check out the Koality Subscription Box!

A visual list of tech and fun stuff on the guide.

Want to stock your favorite stoner with some good snacks? Here are some of our favorites!

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the Stoner Gift Guide! Make sure to follow them on Instagram and let us know what’s on YOUR holiday wish list!