Whether we prefer joints and blunts, or pipes and bongs, there’s a dry herb vaporizer for everybody. To choose the best weed vape for smokers, it helps to understand the contrast in styles between bongs, pipes, joints, blunts, and vapes.

Convection vapes for big hitters, conduction vapes for sippers

Bong and pipe smokers will love convection vapes, like the Sticky Brick. Upon inhalation, dense vapor fills the lungs, with intoxicating effects on the exhale. For sippers of joints and blunts, conduction vapes like the Starry or Dynavap stand out with thick, tasty puffs of vapor, and a satisfactory mouthfeel. Join Troy and Jerry as they explore how to choose the right weed vape for you, along with how these characteristics relate.

There’s a vape for your style

Joint and blunt smokers often enjoy conduction vapes such as the Starry or Dynavap for sipping tasty vapor at a low price. The Starry is a simple “load and go” vape, just fill it up and turn it on when you’re ready to inhale the effects. Alternatively, the Dynavap offers a satisfactory ritual in a practically indestructible package.

The Sticky Brick vaporizers and other convection vapes will satisfy bong and pipe lovers alike. Rippers with the capacity to inhale the massive volume of vapor will find themselves thoroughly intoxicated.

Hybrid vapes like the Mighty+ offer a middle ground with thick, tasty clouds and strong effects, whether it’s sipped on in small puffs, or ripped hard like a bong.

Draw styles make a difference!

**Nerd alert! Read on for the technical breakdown on why select vapes are ideal for specific people.**

Bong and pipe smokers with an appetite for big clouds will favor convection vapes like the Sticky Brick, with its direct-to-lung draw style. The hot air is simply drawn through the bowl, and fills the lungs with vapor. Large, dense clouds and strong effects are commonly associated with bongs, pipes, and convection vapes, all of which utilize the direct-to-lung draw style. In a single breath, the effects in the material are extracted as a warm vapor, and inhaled directly into the lungs.

Meanwhile, joint and blunt smokers alike enjoy conduction vapes such as the Dynavap, Pax, and Starry that all shine with a mouth-to-lung draw. This draw style is designed to cool hot vapor or smoke. When a puff of vapor is inhaled into the mouth, it’s cooled via a secondary breath of fresh air. The cooled vapor/air mixture is inhaled into the lungs, and provides effects with diminished harshness. 

With conduction vapes like the Dynavap, Pax, and Starry, a tighter herb pack results in small clouds of thick, tasty vapor and effects, without a long draw, which mimics the ritual of a joint or blunt.

Some hybrid vapes like the Mighty+ satisfy with either hit style. Hybrid vapes blend hot air (convection) with a hot bowl (conduction) to provide an exceptional middle ground for joint, blunt, bong, and pipe smokers alike.

Vapes save you money and smell better

Joints, blunts, and conduction vapes all reliably produce thick clouds and sedative effects, however cannabis vapes offer more potent flavors from less material. With smoke, the first hit has flavors of the flower, and subsequent hits produce a significantly more nuanced taste, whereas with a vaporizer the flavor is more pronounced and carries for several hits through the session. Vaporizers also extract more efficiently, which can save money, or allow for significantly more sessions and effects. Joints and blunts burn at least 3-4 times more material than vaporizers, and plenty of the effects are burned off before they even reach the lungs.

Get the right vape for you!

There are more choices of marijuana vaporizers than ever before, and picking the right vape for your particular preference is key to getting the right experience for you. The transition from combustion to vaporization can be made easy once the similarities and differences between these tools are understood. Our goal is to get you to the right vape the first time. Check out more of our vape content for the real scoop!

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