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Did DynaVap just lap the competition?


Tonight we will beat up the new HyperDyn ($229) and compare it to older DynaVaps, as well as the Anvil and Dani. Let’s see how this thing stacks up!

So far, I am very impressed. I haven’t wanted to use any other Vapcap-style vaporizer since I got the HyperDyn, other than to make a direct comparision. The bowl is as big as I always wanted (nearly three times the size of a typical Vapcap), and the heat up time is much quicker than I thought it would be (around 15 seconds with a single-flame torch).

Here’s a quick list of features and talking points:

  • 100% titanium construction (other than the temperature snap disc) – even the cap is now titanium!
  • Big, but lightweight – 1.14 oz
  • Mates with 10mm and 14mm glass joints
  • Seven airflow settings on the condenser tube
  • Works with new DynaVap dosing capsules! (one included)
  • Scratch resistant medical grade titanium
  • Includes a wood Slimstash (no magnet)
  • Works with iSpire Heat Wand (but not older DynaVap induction heaters)
  • Compatible with older DynaVap stems and parts
  • Made in the USA
  • Hyper cap only fits the Hyper tip. Neither is compatible with older tips and caps.

Early thoughts

hyperdyn with ap off
  • At first, I heated up this cap just like I did the regular caps, but the cook was much darker. I used a single-flame torch and like to heat the very bottom of the cap for a full cook. With the HyperDyn, I had to dial it down a little to keep the cook the same. Otherwise I could overdo it on a second heat cycle. I now heat the cap halfway up from the bottom.
  • I have yet to enjoy a second heat cycle that didn’t overcook the bowl for me. This is a one-and-done DynaVap for me, which is what I prefer!
  • This big bowl is a game-changer. It’s significantly larger than original Vapcaps (almost triple the size), and how much it holds will depend on your pack style. I like to pack it loosley, and get a little less than 0.2 grams in there.
  • The dosing capsule works great! The cook is a little lighter, and the capacity is about half of what the tip can hold on its own, but it’s still bigger than a normal Vapcap. I can’t wait for more dosing capsules and a travel caddy!
  • It took me a while to get the airflow adjustment right. It’s easier if you set the tube depth and insert it back into the stem with the tip off – then put the tip back on. When I pushed the tube in with the tip installed, sometimes the tube would press against the tip and adjust the setting to more open.
  • I would prefer the airport rotated 90 degrees so it’s easier to fine tune during the hit. I was surprised at this airport configuration, and it feels to me like a step backward.
  • I haven’t had to adjust my cap at all, but if you need to make yours tighter, it’s a different process than before. Instead of pinching the sides of the cap together, you press on the tail so that it’s closer to the opposite side of the cap. 

Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

Woodwynd, HyperDyn, Anvil, Dani, Tempest

Tonight, we plan to use all these vapes and let you know how the HyperDyn stacks up! From left to right: Woodwynd, HyperDyn, Anvil, Dani, and Tempest.

hyperdyn in stash

The HyperDyn comes with a DynaStash that fits it perfectly, but doesn’t have a magnet on it.

hyperdyn with ap off

Here the HyperDyn is loaded with a dosing capsule. These things rock!

hyperdyn cap, tip and dosing capsule exploded

Here’s a look into the tip, with the Dosing Capsule to the side. The HyperDyn uses the same size CCD (bowl screen) as the original tip. The Dosing Capsule is built a lot like the capsules for the POTV Lobo.

hyperdyn cap top

The top of the cap. You can see the click disk (thermostat), unlike the original caps.

hyperdyn cap bottom

A look into the cap from the bottom.

hyperdyn tip

The tip has unique spiral grooves along the side. My cap has held on really well.

hyperdyn tip and stem

Here the tip is pulled off and you can see the condenser tube from the top of the stem.

hyperdyn tip end

Check it out…they put some branding on the tip at the very bottom of the bowl.

hyperdyn airport

The airport is old school, and I prefer one that is rotated 90 degrees.

hyperdyn condenser tube

Pull out the mouthpiece and this is what you get –  the mouthpiece assembly with the condenser tube. This one is set to position five.

hyperdyn condenser tube adjustment rings

The condenser tube has seven grooves on it that act as set points for different amounts of air flow.

hyperdyn stem end

They also branded the stem where the mouthpiece goes.

hyperdyn tip size comparison 3

Woodwynd tip on the left, HyperDyn tip on the right. What a massive difference!

hyperdyn tip size comparison 4

Let’s look at it from the top. Woodwynd cap and tip on the left, HyperDyn tip and cap on the right.

hyperdyn tip size comparison 1

You can insert the Woodwynd tip into the HyperDyn tip with room to spare…

hyperdyn tip size comparison 2

…in fact, you can put the whole Woodwynd tip AND cap inside the HyperDyn tip!

hyperdyn 14mm connection

The HyperDyn stem mates with both 14mm glass joints…

hyperdyn 10mm connection 2

…and 10mm glass joints.


The HyperDyn out in front. Go get one!

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about the new DynaVap HyperDyn? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think!

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