We know what you’re thinking, “Jerry works with Planet of the Vapes, of course he wants us to shop there.” But here’s the real talk. Planet of the Vapes made a name for themselves as one of the most trusted e-commerce sites for vaporizers (and dab devices in regions outside of the US) and it’s not hard to see why.

With a 5-Star rating and over 13,000 reviews on Trustpilot, the proof is there! And in case you didn’t want to read through all of those reviews, we broke down the top 9 reasons people love to shop at Planet of the Vapes. Watch the video or read on to see what POTV does right and why you should consider purchasing from them the next time you’re looking for a vape.

Content from this video was originally streamed on May 6, 2022. Watch the full stream here.

1. Curated Catalogue

When Jerry first started with Planet of the Vapes their catalogue was slim, with a little over 20 devices for you to choose from. This number has quickly grown, but not without careful thought and consideration for which products they decide to offer their customers. Every device they offer has been vetted and approved by the staff as a vaporizer worth carrying. With a lot of questionable products out there, you can feel good selecting something from POTV because that device has the Stickstones seal of approval.

2. Quick US Shipping

Planet of the Vapes not only offers a curated catalogue, they ship QUICKLY. With multiple warehouses near both coasts, they are able to ship your order from the the nearest warehouse to guarantee a speedy delivery. If that’s not a major selling point for you, you probably haven’t been trained to expect 2-day delivery from your Amazon Prime account and that’s great for you. But for those who prefer a quick turn around, POTV has you covered.

3. Educational Content

It’s more than just a shop. Planet of the Vapes also has a blog with well produced content to help you decide between products, and a lot of content to help you make the most of your purchase. With user guides on how-to use, clean, and maintain your devices you won’t have to go far to figure out if a vape is right for you and your lifestyle. On top of those incredibly helpful tips and tricks, the POTV blog also offers full reviews and deep dives into brand catalogues, like this one for Sticky Brick Labs. The POTV team just gets it.

4. Canadian Site

This one speaks for itself. Planet of the Vapes also ships to Canada! With a new warehouse in Canada, POTV is able to provide the same fast shipping US residents have. Not to mention, the Canadian site still has dab devices available! Check it out here.

5. Top-Rated Customer Service

Remember those 13,000+ reviews we mentioned earlier? Yeah, Planet of the Vapes is big on customer service. You don’t get that kind of reputation without providing top-tier service. Whether it’s shipping, an issue with a product, flat-out not liking a device, or just having a few questions about a vape, the customer service team at POTV is ready to assist you with it. Quick to respond and eager to make you happy, the team they’ve put together is something special.

6. Risk-Free Purchase

So you didn’t like the vape you purchased. No worries! Planet of the Vapes knows that sometimes a product just doesn’t work out for you. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What does that mean? If you receive a device and you don’t like it, you can return it for a refund or store credit, OR exchange it for something else. You read that right. As long as you reach out within 14 days after delivery, POTV will set you up with something else or give you a refund! Beyond just believing that there is a vaporizer for everybody, POTV makes a conscious effort to help you find a vape you love as you transition to vaporization. Read more about the policy here.

7. Vape Development

Planet of the Vapes not only cares about pairing you with the right vape, they care about improving devices and developing quality products to offer their customers. The improvements that have been made to the well known Starry – POTV had a hand in making that the standard. While their catalogue is full of vaporizers that pass the test, they also understand that there is always room for improvement and that this community loves to tinker and have options. It comes as no surprise that the second vape they branded in house, the POTV ONE (released in April of 2019), has become an incredibly popular device and has an impressive number of mouthpiece options to satisfy any user.

8. Gift Card Program

So you made a purchase at Planet of the Vapes, now what? POTV is confident that you’ll come back for more. Qualifying orders will receive a gift card to use on your next purchase. First time POTV shopper? This community has started a pay-it-forward thread on reddit. Check it out and you might just find a gift card code from a fellow vaporist looking to lend a hand.

9. NEW Open Box Program

If the 8 reasons above were not enough proof that Planet of the Vapes is a great company to support, this will be the one to do it.

We have an entire lineup of open-box and lightly used vapes that have been returned to us through our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. They work perfectly, so why toss them in a landfill? Instead, we’ve taken these vaporizers and renewed them through rigorous testing and a thorough cleaning process. Now we’re ready to share them with our customers at a discounted price!

– Planet of the Vapes

Do you have another reason you like to shop at Planet of the Vapes? Tell us in the comments!

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