We love new vapes! And while technically these aren’t new vapes, they’re very good vapes that are fun to use and talk about. First we get into the Vapman dry herb vaporizer, why we like it, and the new wood species they just dropped – Kotibe. Then we show off the new version of the Planet of the Vapes ONE, with a magnetic mouthpiece! Pack a bowl and kick back with us as we show off these new vapes!

Kotibe Vapman and Vapcase

If you didn’t catch us the last time we showed off the Vapman, you missed out. This little microdoser is gonna win you over with taste and efficiency. The Swiss design and Italian craftsmanship inspire mindfulness with an addictive ritual. It’s what I grab when I want some “me time“, or just want to settle in and think a bit.

Th new Kotibe species is beautiful. It’s a darker wood with subtle grains, unlike the startling patterns we see in some of the lighter Olive Wood Vapmen. And like most woods, it adds its own flavor to the session. I don’t know how to describe the overtones, other than earthy, woody, and heavy.

This week Vapman launches the Vapcase, and it rocks! It holds the Vapman, filling funnel, and a little vial for ground herbs. And it fits in your pocket, unlike the older egg-shaped travel case. If you love to travel with your Vapman, but don’t like the egg, grab one of these boxes.

New Planet of the Vapes ONE

This new POTV ONE version has some significant upgrades! The ONE dry herb vaporizer is already one of the most popular vapes for Planet of the Vapes customers. It’s small, heats up quickly, and the hits spank! The ingenious Accessory Attachment adds versatility. You can go from a solo session on the couch to a bong session at a party without missing a beat.

One of the more common complaints about the ONE was the twist-off mouthpiece. Sometimes it was a little tight, and sometimes a little loose. But now they are consistent with a magnetic attachment. And it comes standard with a dimpled glass stem that cools the vapor, even at the hottest temps. It’s stealthy, strong and comfy! This is the best version of this vape yet, but the price is the same. The ONE is one of the best vape buys you can find for under $100!

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