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The Classic Vapor Brothers Reinvented

VB 1.5 cover shot

We’ve got another legitimate ball-vape for the masses to show you! Vapor Brothers, makers of the nearly 25-year-old box vape for weed, has added balls to the mix for the kind of hits we’re looking for. This is a good option for someone who wants a ball vape but doesn’t want to mess with a glass bubbler. (Although you can attach the whip to a bubbler if you like.)

Nostalgia sells, and Vapor Brothers is banking on it. If you’ve ever taken a hit or more off the Original Vapor Brothers dry herb vaporizer, the VB1.5 will transport you back, but with a mean uppercut. From the outside, not much has changed. The box is the same size and shape as the original, and it uses the same accessories to connect you to your high. But a closer look at the glass heat exchanger should warn you there’s more here.

Gorgeous Construction

Heat exchanger 4

Just look at that beautiful, phallic heat exchanger loaded with balls! The Vapor Brothers ball design is more orderly than most. While most ball vapes have a cavity randomly filled with balls, the Vapor Brothers 1.5 has all its balls organized in four orderly lines. Two lines on top and two lines on the bottom sandwich a flat ceramic heater. The originaly Vapor Brothers had a cylindrical heater. This heater looks really different. The question is, does all that organization change the hit?

Tips and First Impressions

The EZ Change Whip

We’re still early on in the test for this one, but here are some thoughts so far.

  • Lightly tamp your herbs when you load the bowl to hold them in place. Like the original, The VB1.5 angles away and downward from you, and some of your herbs could tumble down and touch the heat exchanger. You can also start your draw as you attach the whip to the vape.
  • The heat can build up in this vape if left on for a long time. If you come back to it after a little while, you can turn the temp down just a tad to account for it.
  • This vape has a wide temp spectrum for both flowers and concentrates. Vape your dry herbs on the left side of noon and concentrates on the right.
  • I load my bowl with a scoop, because I’m like that. But an easier way is to suck your herbs up into the bowl. Hover the bowl above your herbs and suck on the whip!

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!

VB 1.5 cover shot

The Vapor Brothers 1.5 Ball Vape with the Hands-Free EZ Change Whip attached…ready to hit!

glass mouthpiece installed on vape

Here it is with the Nearly All Glass Whip attached. I like this delivery, and I usually pick it up and two-hand it.

side angle view

Just the vape, from that sexy marketing side-angle!

front view

Straight-on look at the front. Sorry the shot’s off-center.

VB 1.5 Side view

The Vapor Brothers name and logo are etched on the left side. It looks good.

bottom view

The bottom with the warning sticker, for all my vapor-nerds out there!

power knob off

Power knob in the “off” position. It clicks when you turn it on.

power knob all the way on

Power knob turned all the way up. I usually set it around 10:30 and tweak from there.

Heat exchanger 1

A look straight on at the front heat exchanger. Funky view, for sure.

Heat exchanger 2

Close up shot of the tip of the heat exchanger. There’s a little ceramic disc at the top.

Heat exchanger 6

Now we get a look at the length and construction of the heat exchanger.

Heat exchanger 5

There are the balls! They’re in neat little lines.

Heat exchanger 4

Another look with different lighting.

Heat exchanger 3

A closer look at the balls. There are four lines of balls total (from front to back), two on top and two on the bottom of a flat ceramic heater.

The EZ Change Whip

The EZ Change Whip Kit. The parts in the middle make up the bowl.

EZ Change Whip Exploded

Assemble the pieces in the order they are lined up. Attach the whip to the connector, insert your choice of screen, then add the bowl. That’s an extract disc on the right.

2 screens and an extract disc

Pick from the ceramic screen (left) or the mesh screen (middle). Extract Disc is on the right. Mesh screen has more air flow and is harder to clog. Ceramic screen is for purists.

EZ Change Whip assembly 1

Let’s assemble this wip together. First, attach the connector to the glass wand.

EZ Change Whip assembly 2

Then stick your screen in there. I chose the mesh this time.

EZ Change Whip assembled

Finally, insert the bowl into the connector so it presses against the screen. You’re ready to vape weed now!

EZ Change Whip closeup with Extract Disc

If you want to vape extracts, insert the disc into the bowl. The discs have production variances, so be careful. This one got stuck in this position. I removed it by pushing it out from below.

Closeup of extract disc installed

Load your extract here. When you inhale, it will melt into the stones crevices and vaporize pretty quickly.

clean and dirty ceramic screen

The ceramic screens can clog easier than the mesh. Fresh one on the left. The one on the right was after two nights of use and is ready for a clean. Tasted great!

Hands Free EZ Change Whip and Standard All Glass Whip

The Mini Thin Whip on the bottom, for comparison.

Closeup of All Glass Whip

Here’s a closeup of the bowl on the Mini Thin Whip.

hand-held wand fit

While the EZ Change Whip is hands-free, you have to hold the Mini Thin Whip in place.

hold the wand in place

See? You hold it up to the heat exchanger during your hit, and pull away when done.

Glass mouthpiece

The Viper glass mouthpiece.

Nearly All-Glass mouthpiece

The Viper glass mouthpiece fully assembled and ready to load.

VB 1.5 accessories

Included accessories: a mood mat, dab tool, wood stir tool, dental pick (to remove screens), and yes, some legal herbs for the authorities!

temperature instructions

Here’s the temp guide from the manual. In general, Nine til Noon is for flowers, while Noon to Three is for concentrates.

Want Your Questions Answered?

Leave your questions in the comments below before the Friday night livestream and we’ll try to get to them for you live!

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