In this episode we start off introducing two new, hot-as-shit Simrell products, move on to the Boundless catalog, and finish with a talk about different highs from different forms of cannabis.

The Simrell Collection

This week was perfect timing to talk about one of our very special sponsors – the Simrell Collection – as he dropped two killer new products the day of the stream. We beat up the Glass Cage and the Stinger, and show them off for a bit. Check them out! We did livestreams with Austyn back in 2019 and 2020 as the Modern Cannabists, and it feels great to have him officially back in the fold.

Boundless Roundup

Boundless has gone at it for nearly six years now, building a good sized lineup to shop through. They first hit the scene with the dual release of the CF and CFX, showing off siblings that complement each other like the Mighty and Crafty do. I call them aggressive conduction vaporizers because they have huge heaters that can feel like a hybrid, but it’s all conduction in there.

The CFX has full digital temp control and extended battery life, but it’s the CF that really scratches an itch. Even today, it’s one of my favorite cheap vapes to recommend to smokers looking to make the switch to vaporizing. The big oven can easily hold a third of a gram, and all that heat really packs the punch smokers look for.

We introduced the CFC lineup – the CFC, CFC2, and CFC Lite. All three of these vapes sport the same oven, but the Lite is powered from a removable 18350 battery. The CFC is no longer available, giving way to the follow up CFC2, which corrected the material flaws in the original. While we don’t use these vapes for our personal sessions, they fill a good spot in the market – budget electronic vapes under $100.

The Boundless convection models are the CFV and Tera. They have identical ovens, but the Tera wins the power struggle with two removable 18650 batteries. For us, the Tera is the vape to use here. We love its big draws and efficiency. Best of all, it excels on a bubbler, and comes with a water pipe adapter.

Speaking of bubblers, all Boundless vapes could be considered for best on a bubbler compared to the competition. Boundless has always focused on clouds over flavor, and all their vapes bring the heat. Boundless employees have always been partial to big bong rips, so all their vapes aim for water pipe use. It’s a key reason for their success.

Our favorite Boundless products are the Terp Pens – the original and the XL. These budget dab pens excel at their price points, with strong hits and great versatility. Use them as honey sticks or like a traditional pen. Hot or cold load. No joke, these things are a great value!

Different highs – vape high vs smoke high vs cart high

This is always a fun topic. We’re not turning down any kind of session, but we obviously have our preferences. Cart highs are quick and can rocket you to space, but always seem to be lacking something. Dry herb vape highs are more full bodied, even if it takes more to get there. And smoking, besides tasting downright nasty, gets me dopey and wears off in about 45 minutes.

We beat up a cart to get started, and round it off with dry herbs and dabs. But in the end, the smoking closed the show. I dig the dopey, couch-lock high, but vaping is just too pleasant for me to accept a smoke session. That shit was rough!