The G Pen Elite II dry herb vaporizer is probably Grenco’s best dry herb portable, and it’s priced like it. Here we give a quick report on this vape after a few trips around the block. Best out-of-context quote…

Troy: “It feels like a ball sack hitting you in the chin.” 

Jerry: “I don’t care if it’s dangling, or holding, or in your mouth. It all works.”

That quote was about the top flap on the glove, or sleeve for the Elite 2, and is in the last few minutes of the video. But let’s get to the meat of it.

A nice little package

That’s right…we’d use this one, especially if it were cheaper. The vapor is tasty and terpy on the lower temps, like 380F or below, and it thickens up above 400F. It’s small enough to go with you everywhere and sweet enough to show off to your friends. The ceramic zirconia mouthpiece is smooth as silk, and the cooling spiral in the mouthpiece keeps the vapor cool.

Different ways to vape

The G Pen Elite 2 vape takes an unusual approach to the heat tech. It has a conduction oven that does most of the work and a convection heater with a boost feature. We both liked it with the convection boost on, as it hit both our styles. And that’s one of the strengths of this hybrid system – both sippers and rippers get what they want. You can take a little sip and pass it to your big ripper friend without any instruction.

Head-scratcher display

The color display is beautiful, but it’s redundant and not well thought out. There are three indicators that the vape is heating up, but not one for the session timer. The length of the session timer is adjustable, but the current session time remaining remains a mystery. Fortunately, this is one of our few complaints about the G Pen Elite 2.

Feature roundup

The G Pen Elite II dry herb vaporizer has a rich feature set accessible through the screen menu: convection boost, session timer length, haptic feedback, brightness, and a Fahrenheit/Celsius toggle. A stir tool is tucked into the bottom for those that like to get every last bit out of their sessions. The glove with the flap is included free, which is a nice touch. That kind of accessory is usually extra, and we start to talk about it at the eleven-minute mark of this video.

What we didn’t like

We already mentioned the display issues, but we had a couple of other minor gripes. The button layout and control scheme is unique, and no prior vaporizer experience will prepare you for this one. Break out the manual and you’ll be fine. Also, while Grenco touts a patented airflow system, I couldn’t isolate it. There is an air leak somewhere in there. Finally, we both think the price ($250) is too high. I wouldn’t hack on anyone for paying full price, but it feels like there are other options for less that are very appealing. The Crafty+ is $279 at full price, available for less with coupons, and is a better hit.

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