The new DynaVap colors drop tomorrow – get ready! This is the third iteration of colors for the VapCap M, and they look tight. We have two videos to bring you up to speed – one about the colors, and one to torch an AzuriuM!

New 2021 colors from DynaVap

In this video we go over the three new fall colors for the DynaVap M 2021 – AzuriuM, RosiuM and VerdiuM. The AzuriuM is a repeat, and still begs to get torched for the rainbow effect. The RosiuM is another repeat, but seems a bit deeper in color – it’s still my favorite! The new kid on the block is VerdiuM, coming in at a light green that can be hard to capture on film.

Coloring a new 2021 DynaVap

This shit was fun! Troy broke out a huge Blazer torch and taught me how to do it right. Then I tried it out with my little torch…it worked! The AzuriuM changes from blue into purple, pink, yellow, green, orange and silver. The palette is dope, and it doesn’t take long to get good results. Check it out and torch yours!

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