We caught up with Mikey Perry a little while back to see how it was going with his new vapes. Remember when we first seshed with Mikey and shared a Mighty+ and DynaVap M+? Well, it was time to see how it was going, and we were a little surprised at how it went!

Mighty+ or DynaVap+?

When we first sat down with Mikey, it sounded like he would lean into the Mighty+ more because it’s easier to use. But it turns out he likes to take his M+ out and about more than the Mighty+. We get it…vapcaps are endearing and hard to let go of! Everyone has their own reasons – but what was his?

Where to find Mikey

The easiest way to keep up with Mikey and find him somewhere live is on his Instagram page. He’s a regular in San Diego and can usually be found somewhere around the Mic Drop Comedy Club. Check him out, and bring your laughs!

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