We are stoked to debut new products from Sticky Brick tonight on the Troy and Jerry Think Dank! We’re longtime fans of Sticky Bricks, and these products work with some of our favorite vapes. Check them out!

The Twist

The Twist is a dual purpose vape that’s right down our alley. The standard configuration is like an improved Flip Brick, but the bowl also works with a lot of our injector ball vapes!

The Stack and Base

The Stack is a beautiful wood sleeve for our Puffco Proxy’s, and the Base holds all your Proxy tools like q-tips and a hot-knife. Buy them separate or save money and get them together in a kit.

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That’s right…our code works at Sticky Brick, too! Save yourself 10% on the whole site for any order over $10!

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Dynavap Link

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Planet of the Vapes

Planet of the Vapes sells Dynavap and a selection of other respectable vaporizers.

For more information about dry herb vaporizers, visit www.420vapezone.com or join the discord.