Our Best Portable Dry Herb Vapes

Troy and I went through our favorite vapes on October 21st, 2022, and we ended up with three weed vape categories – Desktops, Portables, and Dab Rigs. In this video, we cover our very favorite portable dry herb vaporizers. Troy took a deserted island approach and shared his two best portable weed vapes. I looked over my shelves for anything I thought worthy of different user types. Either way, these are some mighty fine vapes that you can buy with confidence.

Storz & Bickel Mighty+

Always excellent and easy

Herborizer Ti
Excellent vapor
Easy to use
I still use an aftermarket stand

The Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer was the top choice for both of us. The vapor is satisfying (even for us!), it’s easy to share, and it’s always excellent. You’ll pay for it, but this is one of the few portable weed vapes that’s worth every penny. If you want easy and excellent, but don’t want to spend time deliberating the decision, grab a Mighty+ and get on with your life.

Tinymight 2

Massive clouds, little vape

Tinymight 2
Massive, tasty clouds
On-demand and Session modes
Removable 18650 battery
Can chew through batteries

The Tinymight 2 was the other must-have vape for both of us. It’s the closest thing to a desktop vape in your pocket, and it’s on-demand! No way around it…it’s an impressive vape: on-demand convection hits, pocketable, removable battery, variable temp control, concentrate mode, glass stem, effective cooling unit, and big fat fucking rips! Top shelf hits for a top shelf price.

Lamart Tetra P80

Huge artisinal clouds

Herborizer Ti
On-demand, massive clouds
Versatile, programmable, updatable
Removable 18650 battery
Art in your pocket
Can be a battery hog
Very hard to get

I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this vape, other than I need to bring extra batteries with me. But the performance is sooooo worth it, and they’re fucking gorgeous! How gorgeous! That’s up to you…yeah, he does customs. This vape is handmade – it’s an e-cig box mod connected to a hand-wrapped heater encased in a custom wood shell. But that heater and the software are special together! So get in line, wait your turn, and buy a lottery ticket when your number is called. Because that’s your lucky day!

Firewood 7

For smaller appetites

Cannabis Hardware B0 head
Beautifully hand-crafted
On-demand convection hits
Removable 18650 battery
Unintuitive interface
Unique, new models = fomo

The Firewood 7 dry herb vape is the one pictured here, but any Firewood will do. It seems like there’s a new model every year, and each one is remarkably different from all the others. My personal faves are the 4 and 7. But all Firewood weed vapes share an impressive feature set: on-demand convection hits, pocketable size, removable 18650 battery, and an endearing presence. These are for smaller appetites – little bowls and long, slow draws.


Best budget vape

Herborizer Ti
Strong, comfy vapor
Extremely pocketable
Less than $100!
Versatile glass attachments
Battery life
Still micro-usb

The POTV ONE weed vape is almost endgame shit for the mass market…incredibly small and potent, and less than $100. The only downsides are less-than-average battery life coupled with a micro-usb charge port. The new magnetic mouthpiece with dimpled stem make this one of the easiest vapes to recommend…I’ve never been let down. And the glass attachments are versatile and downright fun.


Another Best Budget Vape

Cannabis Hardware B0 head
Potent, convection vapor
Pocketable cigar shape
Removable 18650 battery
On-demand and Session modes
Not ideal for short little hits

The POTV V3 Pro improves on the XMAX version, which was already a hit out of the gate. The list of talking points is loooong: on-demand and session modes, removable 18650 battery, pocketable, cool vapor, versatile glass accessories, and a convection heater, for starters. And it’s only $10 more than the POTV ONE. The only real downside – you need at least a three to five-second long draw to get the best results.

DynaVap B

Easy, affordable, efficient

Herborizer Ti
Satisfying, efficient hits
Easy to use
Easy to gift - only $50
Stay-cool silicone stem
Microdose-sized bowl
Conspicuous torch lighter
Inconsistent manual controls

Any Vapcap will do, but we went with the DynaVap B for this list. It’s got a lot of other features not listed above, like a 10mm compatible mouthpiece, adjustable airflow, and it won’t roll off the table. But what I love, and what DynaVap won’t publicly confirm, is I don’t have to twirl the vape anymore. It’s so much easier to share now, and at this price, we could get everyone to vape!


Mindfully microdose

Cannabis Hardware B0 head
Undisputed Microdose King
Mindful ritual
Each one is artistically unique
Incredibly small Swiss design
Conspicuous torch lighter
Inconsistent manual controls
No audible cue when ready

The Vapman has a cult following for a reason…they’re undeniably endearing. You’ll feel connected to yours, with a ritual that inspires mindfulness and contemplation. The tiny design is unmistakeably Swiss, but they’re now made in Italy from local Olive wood. When I want some “me time” or want to go inward, I reach for the Vapman.

Sticky Brick Runt

Huge, off-grid clouds

Herborizer Ti
Big, fat rips
Off-grid, desktop performance
Artisanal approach
Slight learning curve
Inconsistent manual controls

Pick a Brick, any Brick! They’re all excellent, and we chose the Runt for its size – it’s got a great hand feel. The vapor from all Sticky Brick weed vapes depends on you – flame characteristics and draw speed dance into a sweet spot with a bit of practice. Once you get it, very few portable dry herb vapes will satisfy you. A Sticky Brick is what I recommend most to heavy smokers who want to switch to vapor, but don’t want to plug into a wall.

Tafee Bowle

Love it or hate it – it’s great!

Cannabis Hardware B0 head
Big, tasty clouds
High-quality medical design and materials
On-demand convection vapor
Vape is hidden under the cup!
Wtf - vape is hidden under the cup?
Expensive and out of stock

Love it or hate it, the Tafee Bowle is a world class vape. Finally, the kind of instant, portable, convection hits I’ve dreamed of for years! But under a cup? It’ll never fit in my pocket. But my biggest gripe about this vape is its limited availability. Maybe 2023 will be the year. Whenever it’s ready, you be ready. It truly is a special performer, and the cup is a bonus. You drink while you vape, or you should, so give it a shot! I fell in love with the concept on the very first night.

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