Videos on this post are from the March 15th livestream. Watch the full stream here. And don’t miss the gallery of pics at the end of this post!

Round 2 with Snowtill is even better!

Jealousy x Runtz 10

Holy shit…I can’t wait to break into this stash! Troy and I got our second round of quantum nugs from Snowtill and it looks even better than last time. This weeks offering is Jealousy x Runtz, and the frost-factor is off the charts. I smell musty gas and feel a strong buzz coming tonight!

DynaVap’s new M 7 is a little different than the others

M7 and M7XL

Every year DynaVap releases a new M with incremental improvements. After seven years, we should have a pretty refined product. Let’s see what this model is all about.

There’s plenty going on with this little vape:

  • New look and feel, with double-crowns that remind me of the Woodwynd.
  • Easy upgrade – XL is just a mouthpiece assembly away .
  • Condenser tube extends and doesn’t use o-rings.
  • 10mm taper at mouthpiece mates with small glass pieces.
  • Airport is easily used in wide-open, half-open, or fully closed settings.
  • Cooler stem – less heat transfers from the tip due to less mass in the neck (moved to the bowl).
  • This tip/cap feels like the most restrictive (air flow) they’ve made. We’re gonna test some things on the stream to get to the bottom of it!



The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

M7 and M7XL

M 7 on the left, M 7 XL on the right. These vapes are identical. Just add the mouthpiece assembly to your M7 to turn it into an XL.

bud closeup 1

Same pic, but the M 7 XL is turned around so you can see the texture on the backside of the airport. Note that the M 7 mouthpiece end has a thicker band than the other end that tapers to mate with 10mm glass pieces. I reversed the stem on the XL so it looks better.

bud closeup 2

Here the M 7 XL is assembled with the taper at the mouthpiece end, and it doesn’t line up quite as smoothly. Turn it around!

Jealousy x Runtz 10

Let’s take a Snowtill break. look at all that frosting!

the twist injector

Here’s the XL laying down assembled with the taper at the mouthpiece, like above.

on a bubbler

Here’s a closeup so you can see how it isn’t perfectly smooth. This doesn’t affect performance or anything. Turn the stem around and it lines up just right. But you can clearly see the 10mm taper now on the mouthpiece end of the stem.

bowl closeup

Every year the new M seems to have a new airport (carb) shape. This one is like a lightning bolt.

bowl exploded

At first I thought “so what?” Like we need another airport shape. Then I used it…

the scoop

This shape makes it easy to use the carb fully open, fully closed, or half-way like I have it here. Pretty cool!


Backside of the airport – I can easily find the carb with this shape and feel, but I can’t tell which way is up. It doesn’t matter, though…the airport works whether you hold it rightside up or upside down.

Jealousy x Runtz 8

Here’s a better shot of the backside of the airport so you can see the “M” on it.

M7 XL mouthpiece facets

The stem’s texture is impressive. It looks like microfibers, but it’s a lot of really small grooves. I want to check this out under a microscope!

Jealousy x Runtz 8

Snowtill break! Gotta keep it real…

M7 XL mouthpiece facets

The mouthpiece has eight facets on the sides. Very comfortable on the lips. Here the stem lines up perfectly with the mouthpiece.

injector exploded

A better closeup of the tapered end with the mouthpiece on it.

naked injector

Let’s check out this XL mouthpiece. Like the Woodwynd, o-rings are only on the mouthpiece, not the condenser tube. 

injector top

This 10mm taper mates perfectly with my 10mm female glass bong joints.


Mouthpiece and condenser tube assembled.

2-piece injector

Pull out the condenser tube and this is what you get. See all the grooves inside the mouthpiece on the right? The condenser tube snaps into each one to set a different length of the condenser tube for you. I’m not yet sure why the M7 needs this.

heat exchagner

Here the condenser tube is installed and set to the longest setting. It’s sticking out the tip end, ready for the tip to be installed.

heat exchanger exploded

With the condenser tube set at one setting deeper.

air path

Another setting deeper…

heat exchanger exploded

Yet another setting deeper…

Jealousy x Runtz 9

I need some more snowtill…

heat exchanger exploded

Here the condenser tube is set to the deepest setting. At this level, the tube still sits inside the tip a little. I couldn’t tell much difference in performance with these different settings.

Jealousy x Runtz 7

Look at this beautiful Snowtill nug!

heat exchanger exploded

Let’s get to this new tip. There’s a lot going on here – smoother bowl sides, finless neck, only two o-rings.

air path

Tip closeup. There is more mass just under the bowl to help fully cook the herbs. There are three of these “V” channels to direct airflow between the cap and bowl. I found it very restrictive.

heat exchanger exploded

A look into the bowl. It holds around a tenth of a gram in this configuraion. See the ring around the inside above the screen? That’s for the half-bowl configuration…

air path

…like this. One of the dinkiest yet effective bowls in the industry!

Jealousy x Runtz 5

These Snowtill nugs are dripping in glitter!

Jealousy x Runtz 4

See what I mean?

heat exchanger exploded

Remeber that 10mm taper on the end of the M7? It fits little dab rigs perfectly!

Jealousy x Runtz 2

Same gorgeous nug, but with indoor lighting.

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about Snowtill Organics or the the DynaVap M7? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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