This is the first in a three part series, and focuses on the top shelf vapes. What would we get if money were no object? The vape shelves are empty, and I can get anything I want. What’s it gonna be? It has to cost more than $200 to qualify. That means a lot of good vapes won’t be on this list. Look for them on the Under $200 episode.

Our top desktop picks

We start with the desktops. Nothing hits quite like a desktop, with all that power and space to vape anyway you want. And when money’s no object, let’s spend a bunch! We both agree that the Volcano Hybrid is on the list. It’s the most complete bag blower in the industry, and can hit us harder than most of what we’ve collected over the years. At the end of the day, it’s one of the most convenient, consistent and durable vapes out there, and deserves high marks. It’s what I grab when the guests come over.

It should come as no surprise that my (Jerry) favorite vape is the Herborizer, and it’s price easily qualifies for this list. I have nothing like it for flavor, punch, and ease of use. I like to stir after every hit, and this vape makes that easy and stylish. It’s also no surprise that Troy picks the SSV43/Glass Symphony. Since those aren’t available for purchase, Troy’s surprise pick is the VapeXHale Evo. It’s fantastic for herbs but, while I love it for extract, Troy likes something more traditional, with that signature “oomph” for dabs.

If you want something artsy to knock you on your ass, check out the Vapbong. Every vape is unique, the hits are massive, and the air flow is unmatched. It’s like breathing in vapor!

Moving on to the portables

In an obvious move, our first picks are the Mighty and Crafty+. Like it or not, they have become the benchmark for portable performance, and with good reason. In that signature S&B style, they both are easy to use and consistently dish out potent vapor. In case you missed our earlier stream, we’re also big fans of the TinyMight and P80 by Lamarte. Both are fantastic on-demand convection portables with lots of features and versatility. Another on-demand convection portable on the horizon is the Bowle, by Tafee. You won’t forget this one, since it comes with a cup to drink from, and we’ll tell you all about it in a few weeks when it releases.

No discussion on indulgent vapes would be complete without Dan Morrison’s Nomad 2! This master craftsman makes every millimeter of these vapes by hand for one of the most beautiful vapes we’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, they are also still in production, so we’ll have to talk about function later, but his earlier vapes give us great hope.

Another beautiful vape that tastes better than its peers is the DaVinci IQ2. If you want a conduction vape, this one is our fave. It’s classy, full-featured, and tastes amazing. It’s an easy vape to settle into a session with. Vapcaps don’t usually belong in the expensive vape discussion, but Dynavap has a precious metal lineup of stems that are for ballers only. All the vapor and class we can handle!

The last portable to mention is one for concentrates. Instead of going through all the pens we like, we landed on a DNA box mod with the Divine Tribe V4 quartz atty. The DNA box mods have the cleanest power we’ve encountered, and this atty simply tastes divine. If you want to know how good portable dabs could taste, check it out.

Dabs Dabs Dabs!

Of course we finish off with the dabs…last time we started with them it was a short show! I’m a big fan of the Dr. Dabber Switch, cuz I’m a geek for the techy stuff, while Troy reaches for the Puffco Peak instead. But forget that thing…the Peak Pro is about to drop! For around $550 you can get the Peak Pro ($399 at pre-order) and all the accessories at launch for a pretty complete little package. Looks like they’ve fixed everything we could complain about on the original. But today’s dab beast is the Stache Rio. It’s like a Peak, but with the classic torch/banger heat system. It’s Troy’s #1 pick for portable dabs, bar none!