We’ve waited a long time for this! As excited as I was for a new or updated Omni, I was just as fearful that I wouldn’t like it. The original is a classic that I hope DynaVap keeps producing. But the new model holds its own, with a unique look that’s just as stunning. Join us as we beat up and love up on the latest top-shelf VapCap!

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– Savvy Shopper

New airport

The new Dynavap Omni has Twin Turbulating Airports, as DynaVap calls them, and they’re my fave new feature (other than the looks). Pranav showed us how to rock them back and forth during our draw, so fresh air shoots up alternating sides of the interior for massive turbulence. It’s fun!

2021 Omni by Dynavap
The 2021 Dynavap Omni – All Titanium


It’s nothing like the previous Omni, but just as gorgeous. Light still dances within hidden Easter eggs, and the overhaul wasn’t limited to the outer shell. The guts got a new look, too, that is supposed to cool the vapor better. I’m not sure how much more it cools, but it’s light years better looking! More Easter eggs. Hint to get you started: Omni’s have always been partial to the number nine.

Backside of the 2021 Dynavap Omni
The new smooth rocker

New tip

No matter which 2021 VapCap you choose, it will have a unique tip that completes the look, and the Omni got best blend. Until I took it apart, I couldn’t tell where the tip ended and the stem began. Still titanium, the new tip is about 20% heavier than the old titanium tip, but still significantly lighter than the Stainless Steel tip on the M.

Worth the upgrade?

Eh…this one is a lot more money than the M, so it’s hard to say. But let’s say you have the old Omni and love it. If you’re a collector, you’ll get the new one. But if you just care about the vapor, you don’t need it. I like the slightly different airport position better on the new Omni, so that’s what I reach for these days.

Dynavap 2021 Lineup

In addition to the new 2021 Omnivap, Dynavap has also released a new Vong and a new Vapcap M.

The Vapcap M is the flagship extraction device and is our #1 pick for best starter vape.

The Vong is a new model that fits native to a water bong while also remaining slim and portable.

The Omni is the top-of-the-lineup and top of the price chart.