These days the weed vape market has many tasty, high performance vaporizers. The Mighty by Storz & Bickel is most notorious for its smooth, easy to inhale vapor, and its high price tag. Many cannabis vaporizers have hit the market since the Mighty released, so at this point is the Mighty worth it? And what vaporizer alternatives are available that can compete with the Mighty? Troy and Jerry are here to answer these questions, and more! 

We put together some vaporizer combos that have the potential for more vapor experiences and better value than the Mighty. Below check out how these individual vapes excel, and determine which ones are right for you. 

*Please note: The content from this video is from our June 4, 2021 livestream. Prices in this article have been updated to reflect prices as of JULY 2022.

PORTABLES: Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Alternatives for Out & About


The Dynavap M is a durable vaporizer with terpy hits that can be smooth, or strong enough to melt your face. For a vape that’s small in size while big in features, check out the ONE from Planet of The Vapes, which features tasty vapor in a small body. It’s an adventure friendly portable that won’t weigh down. Lastly, the Solo 2 brings out the flavors of any strain with bright, terpy vapor, and it’s one of the longest lasting portable vapes on the market.

The Elev8r extracts herb fast, which produces one of the hardest, tastiest hits achievable in a vaporizer, and the quartz and glass heater results in super flavorful vapor. Meanwhile the Dynavap M brings the ritual and sedative effects that appeal to smokers, especially blunt and joint lovers. To close out this combo, we’ve got the Starry from XMAX. With its larger bowl and super high temperature heater, the Starry is capable of dark roasty vapor, which may appeal to people accustomed to smoke.

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, the Rio is one of the best portable dab devices on the market, and one of Troy and Jerry’s favorite weed vapes. In Troy’s words; “The Rio [is] the Mighty of the dab world.” So you’ve got concentrates covered, what about the flower? We think the Healthy Rips Rogue makes for an excellent compact Mighty alternative with tasty vapor. Paired with the Rio, this combo is pretty hard to beat. 

A portable vape combo that offers both smooth, easy vapor, and dense clouds potent with flavors. The Dynavap M extracts those dense, flavorful clouds, in a package that’s durable and pocketable. Meanwhile, the extremely easy to use Storz & Bickel Crafty+ vaporizer produces smooth vapor consistently with no technique necessary. The vapor is so smooth you may not even realize how much you’ve inhaled until you exhale a big cloud and feel the effects.

A high performance vape at a low price, the Sticky Bricks are powerful and potent vaporizers with tasty clouds, and the Sticky Brick Runt is no exception. Once you learn how to use a Sticky Brick, it can hit stronger than any other portable vape, and the milky clouds and powerful effects can even rival desktop vapes that cost several times more. Add on a Rogue from Healthy Rips for easy, consistent hits contained in a compact and durable body, and you’ve got yourself a vape combo that can easily out-perform the Mighty.

Some of the best affordable vapes that don’t sacrifice on performance! The Sticky Bricks excel at cloud production and super potent hits. The Planet of the Vapes ONE is a small vape that’s easy to load and hit with no technique necessary, and the Dynavap M is perfect for sips of tasty vapor, or big rips of dense, robust clouds.

Bong Rippers: Mighty+ Dry Herb Vape Alternatives

Vaporizers made for bongs need to have powerful heaters in order to produce dense, potent vapor, and both the Boundless Tera and Dynavap are highly qualified. The Tera uses a large bowl to provide plenty of effects, so even if you’ve got a higher tolerance you’ll still get ripped, and with its replaceable batteries, the Tera never has to run out of juice. The vaporizer is compatible with a bong right out of the box with the included water pipe adapter. As for Dynavap, these vapes produce thick vapor that will totally milk up a bong. The BB3, BB6, and BB9 stems offer a flavorful entry point to Dynavap vaporizers. The glass BB stems aren’t as durable or quite as comfortable on the lips compared to the stainless steel Dynavap M, however they are an affordable way to try out the Dynavap through a bong, or to test if it’s the right vape for you. Remember to use code troyandjerry to save 10% off Dynavap.

Desktops: Desktop Mighty+ Alternatives

For the vaporist who wants a flavorful vape that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb on their table, the E-Nano from EpicVape is a great option. The E-Nano is a small cannabis vaporizer with an attractive wood exterior, and an adjustable bowl size for bigger or smaller loads of herb. Vape reviewer and enthusiast Jerry (@stickstones420) had his E-Nano for years and loved it. To match the theme of a small vape with tasty vapor, we added the ONE from Planet of the Vapes, which produces good flavors within a super compact size. 

To continue the desktop weed vapes enclosed in wood, check out the Ditanium. The Ditanium features a large herb bowl and powerful heater, so its vapor packs quite a punch. The vaporizer is housed in a wood box, which keeps all the hot parts safely out of reach. For the best performance, the Ditanium needs the Ditanium Carb Cap, which is made specifically for the vape. The Ditanium isn’t the best for cannabis concentrates, so consider it a flower only vaporizer.

Arizer has been a notable player in the weed vape market for over 10 years, and for good reason. The ArGo is Arizer’s ultra portable vaporizer, and it’s packed with features. It includes a replaceable battery, precise single digit temperature control, and the super tasty vapor that sets Arizer apart from many other vapes on the market. The Arizer Extreme Q, or Arizer EQ for short, is a capable weed vape that does it all, which makes it a great first vape for many. The Arizer EQ comes with several consumption methods. Both a “whip” (medical grade silicone tube) and several “bags” (medical grade plastic bags), so the user can experiment and see if they prefer one means of consumption over the other. Load weed into different bowls to change the vapor and user experience. Either pack a basket screen with flower and place it into the glass connection for the tubing (this is called an “elbow pack”), or loosely fill up the large Cyclone Bowl included with the Arizer EQ. Despite the low price, the vape doesn’t feel cheap. It doesn’t skip out on features either, as Arizer includes a remote control and fun colored lights built-in to the bottom of the vape.

You might be surprised, but despite the small bowl, the Dynavap M punches hard, so consider a Dynavap if you want strong vapor. Meanwhile the Plenty from Storz & Bickel looks weird and takes up a lot of space, but it hits hard and offers the same smooth, tasty vapor found in other Storz & Bickel vaporizers. The Plenty adds a ring of metal around the bowl that isn’t found in the Volcano Classic. This ring provides additional conductive heat, which extracts cannabis flower more thoroughly.

Make your own Mighty+ Alternatives Combo

If you were going to pick and choose a weed vape combo to replace the Storz & Bickel Mighty+ dry herb vape, what vapes would you choose? Let us know in the comments below what your Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Alternatives Combo looks like. Select from the vapes Troy and Jerry mentioned to make your own ideal combo, or if there’s a vaporizer you’d like to add then please share it with us. Weed love to see what cannabis vapes people choose instead of a Mighty.

The Dynavap M is a durable vape that produces terpy hits. Dynavap vaporizers are quite versatile, capable of smooth, flavorful clouds, with vapor comparable to the Mighty, and they can produce hits that melt your face off with very little herb. The stainless steel Dynavap M is an exceptionally durable weed vape. Remember you can save 10% at Dynavap with code “troyandjerry”.

For a pocketable vape with reliably tasty vapor, consider the Planet of the Vapes ONE. The ONE comes equipped with a titanium bowl, an adjustable session timer, and glass accessories designed to keep the vapor cool. 

Meet the Solo 2 by Arizer, probably the most flavorful vape on this list. Known for its bright, terpy vapor, the Solo 2 features flavors even richer than the Mighty, although not quite as smooth. The Solo 2 is also one of the longest lasting portable battery vaporizers out there, capable of about 13 bowls per charge.

The ArGo from Arizer produces super bright, flavorful vapor out of its compact design. The ArGo’s glass bowl and air path produce brighter, less muted vapor flavors, and the swappable batteries make the ArGo easy to recharge and maintain. Although Arizer vaporizers don’t extract as fast as some other vapes, they are reliably some of the tastiest on the market.

The Elev8r weed vape produces thick, cloudy rips of vapor, full of tasty terpenes and effects. The Elev8r needs a little technique to get consistent rips, but thankfully it takes very little practice, and once you figure it out, you’ll find that the vapor density, strength of effects, and flavor of the Elev8r all out class the Mighty by leaps and bounds.

For a darker, more roasty vapor without combustion, the XMAX Starry is a solid portable weed vape that may appeal to a smoker who wants to switch to dry herb vapes. The heater goes as high as 464°F (240°C) for a dark, roasty vapor flavor, and the large bowl can pack quite a bit, which is great for users with a higher tolerance.

The Stache Products Rio is an all-in-one dab rig and torch. Designed with low temp dabs in mind, the Rio (or Rig In One) features a butane torch aimed directly at a quartz banger. It simply needs to be turned on for 12-15 seconds, and turned back off once the concentrates begin to boil and vaporize. Remember to use codetroyandjerry” for 10% off the Rio at Stache Products website.

For an excellent Mighty alternative, the Rogue from Healthy Rips offers tasty vapor at about half the cost of a Mighty. The Rogue offers upgrades over its predecessors. It features a bigger bowl made for people with a higher tolerance, and with the bigger battery and USB-C, the Rogue will offer more sessions per charge, and charge faster.

The Boundless Tera is excellent for people with a high tolerance. The large bowl provides plenty of effects, and with its replaceable batteries, the Tera never has to run out of juice. It includes a water pipe adapter in the box, so it’s ready for use with a bong straight away! For the best performance possible out of the Tera, Troy has a trick that you can check out here

Induction heaters are a great alternative to a butane torch to heat your Dynavap vaporizer. The Dynatec induction heaters come straight from Dynavap, and they currently offer 2 models, the battery powered Apollo 2 Rover for on-the-go, and the wall powered Apollo 2. With code troyandjerry, save 10% off the Apollo 2, Apollo 2 Rover, and everything else at Dynavap.

A small vape capable of both small and large amounts of herb, the E-nano by EpicVape is a little desktop vaporizer with tasty vapor. The hot parts are contained inside of the wooden body of the vape, which keeps you and any pets or loved ones from accidental burns.

Another desktop vape with a wood exterior is the Ditanium; a whip vaporizer with silicone tubing that carries the goods from the bowl to your lips. The Ditanium uses a large bowl and the powerful heater packs quite a punch. The Ditanium is a great desktop weed vape, just make sure to add the Ditanium Carb Cap for the best performance possible.

The most flexible desktop vape, the Arizer Extreme Q, or Arizer EQ for short, is a capable and affordable vaporizer, which makes it easy to recommend, especially for a beginner to vaporizers. The vapor and user experience can be adjusted with a switch of the bowl. The Arizer EQ can be used with two different consumption methods. A medical grade silicone “whip” tube can be used to deliver the clouds, or the vape can use its built-in fan to fill medical grade plastic bags with vapor to be sipped on slowly, or ripped on hard.

Despite its weird appearance, the Storz & Bickel Plenty actually hits hard and offers the same smooth, tasty vapor found in other Storz & Bickel vaporizers. Its weird appearance and cumbersome size and shape make it less popular, but purely for performance the Plenty should definitely be considered.

For smooth vapor and no technique needed, the Storz & Bickel Crafty+ is easy to use. The effects are noticeable, but the vapor is so smooth you may not even realize how much you inhaled until you blow the cloud back out.

Powerful and potent with tasty clouds, the Sticky Brick Runt is an excellent vaporizer. Once you learn how to use a Sticky Brick, it can hit stronger than any other portable vape, and the thick clouds and intense effects can even rival desktop vapes that cost several times more.

Honorable Mentions

These vapes deserve to be mentioned, but don’t make the cut due to their price, availability, etc.
The Flowerpot by Cannabis Hardware eats up weed and spits out thick clouds. The Flowerpot replaces the bowl and lighter for a combustion free alternative for bong lovers. The effects are potent, and the clouds are dense. The Flowerpot out performs the Mighty by leaps and bounds, but it also costs quite a bit more too. Save money on your purchase from Cannabis Hardware when you use the codetroytime”.

Have More Questions?

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