Effects, clouds, and flavor for all kinds of users

Notorious for strong effects and big clouds, butane powered weed vaporizers are adored by many, especially bong and pipe lovers. Their shapes and sizes vary, and they’re capable of effects for both heavy users and micro-dosers. Join Troy and Jerry on this journey into the vast world of butane powered wooden cannabis vapes.

Use the timestamps below to navigate to a particular vaporizer

  • 05:09 – Dynavap vaporizers are loved by many. Their ability to produce thick, milky vapor, or light, flavorful hits have converted blunt and joint smokers across the world to dry herb vaping.
  • 06:18 – Sticky Brick Labs vapes appeal to the heavy smoker. A big herb chamber and 1-2 hit extraction provides effects that many electronic vapes struggle to provide.
  • 07:03 – Dreamwood Dobby is very pocketable, featuring a glass heat intake and mouthpiece that store inside the device while on-the-go.
  • 09:11 – Dreamwood Punch features a simple 2 piece design. It’s the easiest brick-style butane vape to learn and get vapor from.
  • 11:00 – Doug’s Woodery NOVA is gorgeous in the hand. It features a massive sized bowl, and beautiful wood grain. The separate parts of the vape wiggle a bit in the hand, which can be a turn off for some people.
  • 15:28 – O’Connell Woodworks OHV is a beautiful vape, with a huge flower chamber and a heat diffuser that helps cook the herbs evenly. Magnets located on the side of the vaporizer allow the bowl to be attached so that it can be loaded with ease.
  • 18:53 – Dreamwood DLX is designed to be used on its own like a pipe, or it can be attached to a bong. Very portable and easy to hit, it’s a great option to carry on-the-go.
  • 19:26 – O’Connell Woodworks Micro is a truly pocketable vape. It features a handy stir tool that also covers the glass mouthpiece while on-the-go. The glass heat intake also remains stashed inside the vaporizer, ready to flip outwards when it’s time for use.
  • 20:20 – Lamart Flam (discontinued) is used with a bong and replaces a traditional bowl piece. The glass stem uses dimples that protrude into the air path, diffusing the hot air as it travels from the butane torch to the herb loaded at the other end.
  • 22:20 – Lamart Piro is essentially the sequel to the Flam, and also replaces a traditional bowl piece. It’s designed to be placed over top an 18mm male joint, with either a basket screen loaded with flower, or the glass joint itself filled. Lamart also sells wooden stems lined with glass that turns the Piro into a pipe vaporizer. Take a look at how the Piro works over on 420 VapeZone.
  • 25:37 – Lotus (discontinued) is a classy, tasty, fun to use vaporizer that feels similar to a pipe.
  • 26:28 – VaporGenie offers a pipe-like experience, especially how it was traditionally designed to be used with soft flamed BIC lighter. It uses a ceramic heat diffuser to evenly disperse hot air across the herbs.
  • 27:58 – Vaponic both looks and feels old school. A glass tube is loaded with herbs at the end, with another glass tube slides over top of it. The outer glass tube is heated at the end, and when vapor becomes visible you inhale.
  • 29:30 – Vapman uses a heat exchanger, so the bottom is heated by a torch, and then it’s flipped over and inhaled upon from the mouthpiece on the other side. This is another vape that provides a ritualistic user experience.

All types of butane vaporizers for various kinds of users

There are several styles of butane powered cannabis vapes on the market. From Dynavap that appeal to blunt and joint smokers, to Sticky Brick or Dreamwood that feel similar to a pipe, they can vary greatly in shape and user experience.

The predecessor to the brick design

Although Sticky Brick Labs are popular nowadays, they aren’t the first to make butane powered vaporizers. Sticky Brick Labs founder Kenny expanded upon the designs of their predecessor Triihouse after they closed down, which led to the brick vapes we know today. Check out their full line up in this Sticky Brick User and Buyers Guide from 420 VapeZone!

Butane vapes in action, compared back-to-back

Like the sound of thick tasty clouds and effects that satisfy the heavy smoker? Take a look at how these butane vaporizers perform in this Back-to-back Butane Vaporizer Comparison from 420 VapeZone. We dare you to try and match Troy hit-for-hit.

Interested in one of the dry herb vaporizers mentioned in the video? Check them out below!

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