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DynaVap Titaniu”M” comes in two dope colors – NebuluM and QuantiuM!

both colors on a rock

It’s been a minute since we got some new colors from DynaVap as they updated their tips and stems, so we’re stoked about these! Get ready for the DynaVap NebuluM (blue and purple) and QuantiuM (looks like stone). But they’re not just new colors, they’re made of titanium – a first for the M series!

The NebuluM looks like the current M, but without the wood-grain looking texture. It’s smooth as silk, but with the same squareport and a gorgeous blue-purple spectrum thing going on. The QuantiuM has the color and texture of stone, and really surprised me. I thought I’d go apeshit for the colors of the NebuluM, but I’m struck with the overall feel and look of the QuantiuM. It’s completely unique in the DynaVerse.

Hang with us tonight as we go over these two M’s, break out the full collection of older M’s, and even weigh different tips to see how these new ones stack up. Plus, we’ll give away one of each live on the stream!

MAD Heaters dropped the Reload Gen 2 in five colors!

MAD Heaters Reload 2 family photo

The MAD Heaters Reload was one of my fave DynaVap accessories, and the Reload Gen 2 absolutely crushes it! The colors are fire and the improvements are legit. The Reload Gen 2 is a little larger than the original, and it feels like a good thing. This little tube has two smell-proof herb compartments (carry two strains, carry whole and ground flowers, or ditch the middle one and just take bottom one). Each one has a little nub to tamp a packed bowl, and one of them seats the screens into the tip. Now it’s easy to set that half-bowl screen!

But my favorite improvement is to the lid. The magnet cools your cap, but it also removes it in brilliant fashion. Just slide the cap to either side to pull the vapcap out and the cap magically slides back to the magnet! This is a massive improvement to the original Reload. The groove across the top also holds a vapcap on its side, so you can display your DynaVap verticall or horizontally.

Tips and first impressions

new DynaVaps on top of the Reload 2's

I feel like my DynaVap game just got a major upgrade in the style department with both of these products.

  • The QuantiuM looks and feels a lot like a stone vapcap. This thing is dope!
  • The NebuluM looks like those two-tone color grade paint jobs I see on custom Ferrari’s. Drool-worthy.
  • DynaVap even textured most of the condenser tube for the full efect.
  • Numerology is still here! I found several 7’s and 3’s on these M’s.
  • I used the origninal Reload with any portable vape for herb and abv storage. It’s very versatile, but there are a lot of features unique to what a DynaVap needs.
  • The top is amazing and works like we wanted the original to.
  • If you have the original Reload, this is one of those times I recommend an upgrade. It’s that much better.

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream Friday night!


It all starts with packaging. The DynaVap boxes and inserts use a minimal amount of cardboard.

both vapcaps

The QuantiuM on the left and the NebuluM on the right.


Closeup of the new tips. Look how rough the QuantiuM looks!


Closeup of the mouthpiece ends. Look how silky smooth the NebuluM is!


Closeup of the squareports. Hmmm…looks like they did something to the condenser tubes?

QuantiuM stem and condenser tube

Yup! check out the texture on the part of the condenser tube that is downstream of the squareport.

TM2 on a bubbler

You can see the condenser tube texture better here.


Ha! Bungholes! This is a look up the bottom of both tips.


I dig the QuantiuM best tonight. Check it out by itself here.

QuantiuM tip

And check out this midievil tip!

QuantiuM tip closeup

You can really see the texture here. Looks rough, but it’s actually pretty smooth.

NebuluM tip

Let’s give the NebuluM some love. The tip looks like it’s made of scales!

both colors on a rock

Let’s go outside for some better lighting.

QuantiuM on a rock

This QuantiuM is unique!

QuantiuM tip on a rock

I just can’t get enough of this tip.

NebuluM on a rock

The fade on the NebuluM colors is stunning!

NebuluM tip on a rock

I love how the light dances off the different angles on the tip.

both on a rock 1

When the light hits the NebuluM, it’s pretty special.

both on a rock 2

Stone on rock.

both tips

Both these tips are amazing.

both tips closeup

See what I mean!?!

QuantiuM and spider

Watch out for that spider!

MAD Heaters Reload 2 family photo

The full rainbow of the MAD Heaters Reload Gen 2. They’re gorgeous!

DynaVap displayed vertically

The new lid works like a charm. Cool the cap, slide it to the side, and pull out. Like butter every time!

new DynaVaps on top of the Reload 2's

This is a nice touch. The groove on top holds your DynaVap horizontally.

Reload 2 debowler

The abv chamber with debowler. The spike is shaped like a flat-head screwdriver.

Reload 2 middle chamber

The middle chamber has a silver nut that is the perfect depth to seat the half-bowl screen. It twists out a little bit to seat the screen for a full bowl.

Reload 2 bottom chamber

The bottom chamber has a nub on the top you can use to tamp your DynaVap bowls.

Reload 2 exploded

All the parts. From left to right: bottom chamber, middle chamber, top debowler chamber, lid. All the chambers have an o-ring to keep smells in.

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about the new DynaVap M’s or the MAD Heaters Reload Gen 2? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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