Tinymight 2 Review – Tasty, monster-sized vapor

If you’re like me and have waited for desktop-sized vapor in your pocket for years, step right up. The Tinymight 2 ($349) is a true heavyweight that tastes great and can punch with the best of them – Lamart’s P80, The Tafee Bowle, The Mighty+, and of course the original Tinymight.

The Tinymight 2 reaches any temp in just a few seconds, but still dumps massive amounts of heat into the bowl to deliver rich, creamy hits. The cooling unit in the stem is installed right behind the herb chamber, and the vapor is cool and comfy at all temperatures.

You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for those monster hits. TheTinymight 2 tastes great well into a session thanks to its full convection heater. It doesn’t cook your herbs between hits, so you don’t lose anything just sitting around.

Very pocketable

The Tinymight 2 is average sized for a portable vape. It’s bigger than the POTV ONE, but smaller than the Crafty+ and CFX+. It measures 3½ inches tall and 2½ inches wide, with a depth of 1½ inches at the mouthpiece that tapers down to one inch at the other end. The glass mouthpiece adds one inch to the height, while the titanium mouthpiece adds two. Bottom line, it’s easily pocketable and should be able to go anywhere with you. It feels solid, weighing in at eight to nine ounces depending on which stem you use.

Okay battery life, but…

I get about five bowls per charge, but others have reported as little as two and as many as ten bowls per charge. Battery life is notoriously hard to measure and compare with a vape like this because each person’s hit has a unique demand on the battery. 

So many factors affect the Tinymight 2 battery life – temperature setting, length of the hit, strength of the hit, ambient temperature, session vs on-demand mode, and how long you wait between hits. If you use session mode on a low temp with shorter hits, the battery life will extend. If you use high temperatures, on-demand mode, and long hits, your battery life will be shorter.

The Tinymight 2 tells you the charge level every time you turn it on with between one and four vibrations – four is full. It also has colored lights that correspond to the battery level, from green to red. 

Based on other vapes in this class, I’d say the battery life is decent. The Tinymight 2 is a full convection portable vape, and that style always chews through batteries. The P80, Bowle, Tinymight, and RBT vapes all had similar challenges with battery management. Unlike all those vapes, though, the Tinymight 2 has a solution.

…Removable batteries and Quick Charge USB-C charge port

Removable batteries are a must for this type of heater, and the Tinymight 2 comes correct. Swap out batteries as often as you like and keep the party rolling. The only problem is the last couple bowls on a charge aren’t as strong as earlier sessions. I suggest you use a high-quality battery from a manufacturer like a Sony VTC6, LG HG2, or Samsung 30Q, and keep extras charged up and on hand.

Charge the Tinymight 2 anywhere, and do it quickly! The Tinymight 2’s electronics are upgraded from the original Tinymight dry herb vape. It’s got a USB-C charge port, and is quick charge capable. I love that every solution imaginable has been thrown at this vape to keep the power level full.

Wide temp spectrum for flowers and extracts

The analog temperature dial is on the bottom of the Tinymight 2, and extends from 0 to 10. Zero locks the vape into travel mode, where the power button won’t work. Ten is Beast Mode, which boosts the upper temp significantly and is reserved for concentrates.

I love the temperature band on this vape. The tasty lows extend all the way down to about three on the dial, and roasty highs up to eight and a half. That’s a lot of room to easily dial in your fave temp. I spent most of my time between four and six. At those temps the vapor was tasty and strong, and the entire load cooked evenly. When I went higher than six I scorched the top of the load a little bit, but that’s where the strongest punches come in!

Ease into Session mode

This is where I live. I spent most of my early vaporist years dreaming of an on-demand portable that smacked like this, but now that I have it I just use it in session mode. If one or two hits is good for you, then you’ll appreciate on-demand mode. But for those of us that go through multiple bowls at a time, session mode is the jam. If I’m gonna take a longer break between hits, I’ll just turn it off and re-engage in session mode later. Plus, I found that session mode is easier on the battery.

On-demand mode – hit when you want

I think most people will use on-demand mode a lot more than I do. You still have to turn the Tinymight 2 on, but once in on-demand mode you just hold the button for a few seconds until it vibrates, and go to town. On-demand mode turns the heater on to a low temperature that’s easy to maintain until you want to fire it up. It’s fast…you typically won’t hold the button in more than three seconds before it vibrates and is ready to go.

Beast mode for concentrates

Temperature setting 10 on the Tinymight 2 is called Beast Mode and is reserved for concentrates. It’s not recommended for flower, and is only available in on-demand mode. Set the temperature to 10 and power up the vape into on-demand mode. To hit it, hold the button in until it vibrates, which took more than ten seconds for me, and let her rip. I got some very effective concentrate hits with this thing! I used a water pipe adapter and put it on my bubbler. You have to wait longer for it to vibrate, but it’s worth it!

Multiple-use stir tool

This vape, like any full convection vape, really benefits from a stir mid-session. I beta tested the original Tinymight and really wanted a stir tool included. I had a toothpick that I wedged into the side of the vape and used that! So I was stoked to see a beautiful stir tool accessible from the top of my beta Tinymight 2. And it’s so thoughtfully done.

In addition to stirring the bowl, the stir tool is long enough to adjust the size of the loading chamber. When it’s time to change the size of your bowl, just push it down into the stem with the tool. The handle is flat to tamp the bowl when you load it, and it has holes to let the battery indicator light below shine through…it looks dope!

Any size bowl you want

If you like to switch things up between small and large bowls, you’ll love the Tinymight 2. The cooling chamber slides up and down the inside of the stem and sets the bowl size, without the use of any kind of spacers. I like the size it came with best, but smaller bowls are nice, too, when I want to finish a bowl quicker. I take my time, so I prefer bigger bowls, but then I had to stir more. So I ended up in the middle, and my typical load size was between 0.12 and 0.2 grams.

Glass and titanium stems

Two stems are available for the Tinymight 2, a short glass one and a longer titanium one (one inch longer). I love the titanium stem for running around because it’s indestructible. But it’s a little long for me, so I use the glass one more, and it’s so short that it isn’t easy to break.

For us vapor nerds, the stems have an outer diameter of 16mm, or the same thickness as E-nano stems. The glass walls are 2mm thick, so the inner diameter is 12mm. I grabbed my E-nano water pipe adapter for tests, and that’s when the Tinymight 2 whooped me with concentrates!

Each stem has a cooling unit installed that consists of two cylindrical cans filled with hex nuts and washers. This set-up works really well and uses off-the-shelf parts. The picture below is missing a second washer, but you get the idea.

A simple and effective ritual

The Tinymight 2 ritual is pretty simple and right down my alley, since I don’t mind the occasional stir. I like to load with a medium grind with this full convection vape. You can load nuggets, but that’s an advanced move with this kind of vape. If you give nugs a try, don’t get discouraged while you find the balance of temperature, load size, draw speed and hit length.

Once packed, insert the stem all the way in and set the temperature (start out between five and six if you’re not sure). For on-demand, triple-click the power button and the light next to the charge port will blink. When you’re ready, hold the button in until it buzzes, take your hit, and release when done. For a session, triple-click the power button and hold it in until it stops buzzing. Then hit it two or three times until the vapor thins

This is where I give it a stir. Pull out the stir tool and the stem. I scrape the load into my palm, move it around with the tool and then suck it back into the stem. But you could stir it directly in the bowl, if you want. Put the tool away and insert the stem, then finish it off. The first hit after the stir is usually pretty special and can really leave a mark!

I recommend you play around with your hit style. The real rewards are in the longer hits. If you can draw it out past five seconds, you should start to feel it really thicken up. However, if the temp is too high, this is where you can scorch the load. But I’m getting too technical…I’m a vapor nerd. It’s really simple and not complicated or hard to get a great session.

What I didn’t like

This vape is dope, but nothing’s perfect. I got the kit with the titanium stem, and I don’t know why it’s so long. I’d rather it were the same length as the glass.

My bowls scorch when I go much over six on the temp dial. I should probably take shorter hits at those temps to even things out, but those long, slow hits are my style! But in general, a temp of more than six will lose flavor early due to that scorch. That being said, those scorchers will melt your face off!

This last one doesn’t bother me, so it’s really about those that it does bother. The cooling unit guts is just a few hex nuts and a couple washers that you can get at any Home Depot. I dig that. But some of you won’t and will think it’s cheap. I say, would you rather the vape were even more expensive just to make some proprietary parts? This shit works with off-the-shelf parts…bravo! 

Tinymight 2 Tips

Don’t pack the bowl too tightly, or the vapor will thin as out as you pull too hard. Give it no more than a gentle tamp once you fill it.

Charge the battery as soon as you see a purple light. The battery meter goes from green at full, to blue, then purple, and finally red when it’s dead. Sometimes during a session it will progress to the next lowest level, and then go back up at the beginning of your next session. My vape went through the purple stage so quickly it almost didn’t exist, and then was red. So I now charge the. battery as soon as I see the light turn purple.


Massive hits

Great taste

On-demand and session modes

Variable temp control


Removable battery

USB-C w/quick charge circuitry


High price tag

Titanium stem is long

High temp + long draws can scorch load

Tinymight vs Tinymight 2

The original Tinymight was no slouch, so I’m incredibly impressed that the Tinymight 2 is even better. The 2 feels like it can keep up with stronger draws better and is slightly harder to overwhelm. But they improved a lot more than that. The Tinymight 2 is a little bit bigger to accommodate improved electronics and better insulation.

The Tinymight 2 doesn’t get as hot in the hand, has a USB-C charge port instead of micro, and can even be charged with a supercharger to cut down on wait times. And it has more features: Stealth mode, Beast mode, Travel lock, and a built-in stir tool. I couldn’t find the warranty length for the original Tinymight on their website, but the Tinymight 2 has a whopping 10-year warranty.

The 2 costs $80 more than the original, and I think it’s more than worth it. 

Tinymight 2 vs Mighty+

This was a fun comparison to do! Troy and I are huge fans of the Mighty+ and consider it to be the Gold Standard in convenience, efficiency and consistency. We’ve enjoyed that vape for years, but the Tinymight 2 is up to the comparison. Both are top-shelf vapes, but they go about it differently.

The Mighty+ is easy, consistent, and excellent, and the vapor is smooth and soft. It’s the one I grab when I want something excellent and brainless, or I want to share with friends.

But a major difference is in the vapor. Tinymight 2 vapor is thicker and punchier, and more like the desktop ball vapes we adore. Grab this one if you like on-demand more than session styles, or if you want something you can take a quick hit on and get back to business. The Tinymight 2 is also easy, but not quite as consistent. It gives you more control and, therefore, the ability to fuck things up just a little bit.  


To summarize this Tinymight 2 Review, it quickly became one of our favorite portable dry herb vapes. The punchy, on-demand hits are what I’ve dreamed of for years in a portable vaporizer. The price tag is steep ($349), but it’s one of the few that’s worth it, along with Mighty+, Tafee Bowle, and Lamart P80. That’s some elite company! If you want to relax into a few long sessions with it, watch the video…we had fun!


Jerry: Tonight we’re gonna talk about the tiny might two, baby. We got ours in. I know you guys have been dying to hear about it. We’ve been waiting until we had ’em. And, we got that. We got the regular Tiny Mite. We’re gonna hit those up a little bit. We’ve done a video in the past, the TinyMight versus the P80.  Pretty good thorough video. I recommend it. And, but here we’re gonna jump into the Tinymight two and bring up some of the old stuff as well. Why don’t I try to share my screen and show the Tinymight on the website while we’re packing our bowls and shit like that? Is that cool? 

Troy: Sorry, what was that? 

Jerry: Just come along for the ride.

This is a TinyMight 2 on their website. It’s 349 bucks. Outta stock. You’re gonna have to keep up with this one, guys. It’s gonna be out and in and out and in. Tons of fucking options. Here you can do like glass tubes and water pipe adapters and a cooling stem. There’s a cooling unit. We got, adapters, O rings, quick charger, usbc quick charger, dosing capsules. I don’t have any of those yet. Some beeswax, a bubble or so you can rack up probably a couple hundred bucks more worth of shit here. And then when you come down here, there’s an extra package. It’s I think if you get all this stuff, it’s like an extra hundred bucks or something.  But don’t quote me on that. We couldn’t find some of it on the thing there. But, you go to tinymightvape.com and then click over to the TinyMight two and that’s where we. But anyhow, things fucking dope. And, we were impressed with the earlier ones,I know that this one’s gonna be legit.

Troy: Yeah. is, was the first one the same price or was the first one $50 cheaper? 

Jerry: The first one is $269, so it’s 80 bucks cheaper. $269 and we’ll show that one today too. 

Troy: The first thing, the first big difference I noticed was packaging. Like the old tiny mite came in like a little burlap sack, and the instructions were like engraved on a piece of fucking wood.

Jerry: Okay. That’s what I have, [00:02:00] so I need to see what you have now. 

Troy: Yeah. So that was the original Tinymight. The instructions were on a piece of wood, and there there was like two coasters. It came with two coasters. One was like the instructions, one was, I forget, like a warranty or I forget what it was, but there was no like construction manual. It came with those two bags like that. Yeah. And now that the Tinymight 2 – huge upgrade, man. Came, this thing came in a fricking legit box. something you would expect a pull off the shelf at Target. Like they did a huge upgrade on the packaging.

And right out of the box, the first thing I checked was that battery door, because my biggest complaint was the battery door with the previous one. I don’t know about you, but like the point of having removable batteries to be able to remove it and that thing you had to use a fricking nickel and then the threads were all scratchy and shitty and it was hard to get ’em to line up. 

Jerry: And as soon as you did that it would look like shit cuz it would [00:03:00] scratch.

Troy: They took all of that criticism to the engineering. And, they made some nice threads. I don’t know if, are they like multi-thread where it’s easy to get ’em to line up, but dude, it feels so silky smooth. It feels like they lined up naturally. the way it tightens down.  They did some work on that. 

Jerry: Look at this bubbler you got on there, man. 

Troy: Oh yeah. Did you get the bubbler? 

Jerry: If I don’t have it here. I don’t remember the bubbler. I just have these other things. That’s dope. 

Troy: Had the little bubbler stem, Let me pull that up. 

Jerry: That’s cool as fuck. 

Troy: Yeah. And has the screen built in 

Jerry: Oh, the glass screen.  Right on. Man. Is dope. Yeah, that’s cool. That’s just like the, the water pipe adapter, but with the bubbler on it. That’s fucking cool as fuck, man. I haven’t used any of these fucking glass tools yet. I can’t wait. I’m gonna use ’em tonight. I’m stoked. 

Troy: Okay. you’ve been doing all native with the. Tinymight 2. 

Jerry: It’s been almost all this titanium stem I sent with it, but yeah.

Troy: Oh, you, they sent you a titanium stem? 

Jerry: Yeah, I think it comes in the kit or in the package or [00:04:00] something like it’s listed as comes with. 

Troy: Maybe I didn’t pull out, I didn’t pull out the bag that’s in the box. Is that what’s in here? 

Jerry: That’s where it is, yeah, that’s probably right. 

Troy: Oh, yeah. Okay. There’s a titanium stem there, Rad ass. 

Jerry: So if you can go, like bulletproof if you want.  It’s got the cooling unit in it, so it’s ready to roll, man. 

Troy: Oh, okay. Super cool. I liked the, titanium stem that one guy come up with the OG Tinymight. 

Jerry: That was cool. Shit. Yeah. This works well too. I think they should have made a little shorter. I don’t know why it’s so long when the glass one is not, so there you go.

Troy: One of the things that, that I really liked, I’m gonna show this off real quick, Jerry. when I turned the, when I turned the battery on, when I tighten the thing down? And the thing connects for the first time. It lights up right there. which is the stir stick. 

Jerry: Yeah. I love it.

Troy: So like you’re seeing the lights, like through the little stir stick. I fucking love that. That’s so cool. Yeah. It’s so cool to me. 

Jerry: Cool. Little touches, Little touches like that, that are really cool. It wasn’t [00:05:00] just a stir tool. It’s got some cool little funk to it. You can use it to tamp your bowl.  You can use it to adjust the depth on your cooling unit and you can use it to stir the, and it just stows right there on board. Man. It’s fucking dope. 

Troy: Yeah. Yeah, it’s nice. compared to the og, I mean it. in the same size, isn’t it? 

Jerry: So it’s just a little bit bigger. 

Troy: It’s a little bit bigger. 

Jerry: Yeah. They were able to accommodate a little more with the electronics. A little more insulation with just a little bit more size. 

Troy: It’s a little bit taller, but it feels a lot better. this one literally feels like something from Ikea, like the wood just feels like the lowest quality possible that won’t give people fucking splinters and shit. This, this one has at least been like sanded and treated with something, it feels nice. 

Jerry: Yeah, you’re right. It is nicer. Even the lighter wood one even. But no, I really like [00:06:00] this walnut color. That’s nice. 

Troy: Oh we are four minutes and 15 seconds away from a 420. 

Jerry: Perfect timing. We should pack one up. 

Troy: Good timing. Wow. 

Jerry: Otherwise, on the bottom, it’s just like the old one. We got USBC instead of micro, but then you got the same controller. if you turn it all the way to zero, it puts it like in a lock mode and the buttons don’t even turn it on. And if you, put it all the way up to 10, it’s like a boost concentrate mode.

Troy: When you’re, when you, when it’s all the way down at zero buttons will still turn it on. It just does like a weird little error thing because when I pulled mine outta the box, it was at zero and I didn’t read the fucking instructions. And when I looked at it, I thought that the screw was at seven. And then I went and turned it on and like I couldn’t get to work. I’m like, What the hell? I’m like, Why? Why me? 

Jerry: I thought the same thing, bro. I thought the same thing and it did it on both my units and like I know I’m doing something wrong, but [00:07:00] what the fuck? And it was at zero mode. But yeah, you basically push it when it’s in zero and it’ll just blink at you and vibrate. Should go back down. So anyhow. 

Troy: Yeah, I had to, I DMed him on Instagram. I’m like, Hey, are you available for some real quick help? And that? He’s always been super helpful. 

Jerry: Right? Good guy, man. 

Troy: Every time. 

Jerry: He’s been doing it a while, man. I remember, back in the day it was fucking shocker-vape. Shocker-vape. The Tinymight one was a shocking vape. Cause nothing out there was doing that. That in the P80 is everything else was like miles behind. You know what I mean? 

Troy: Yep. All right. I’m gonna turn my shit down to seven, because eight is pretty aggressive. Are you using a on demand or session mode for yours? 

Jerry: I’m a session geek man. How about you? 

Troy: I use both. I tend to do on demand more with the tinymight than session. 

Jerry: All right. Yeah. Pretty [00:08:00] much triple click and hold. 

Troy: Yeah. For session mode. 

Jerry: Yeah. 

Troy: And for on demand, you just triple click. 

Jerry: Yeah. And then I just wait a few seconds for it to buzz and then I can hit it all I want, which is usually about two good hits cuz I really go long with it. 

Troy: We’re a minute away, but I’m gonna, I’m gonna go now. 

Jerry: Hell yeah man. 

Troy: Just to show you what the heat up time is.  Just vibrated. Cheers.

Jerry: Whew. 

Troy: The turp hurt. there’s so much turp that, my lungs were like, No. 

Jerry: Whew. My whole mouth is covered with them. That’s, that was a good terpy hit, man. that felt so good. Fucking A, and then triple Click the off. I usually get two hits on my session and I turn it off , and then I might go in for a stir. I’ll take a look.

Troy: Wow. Got a little roasty, got a little roasty, can taste that. [00:09:00]  Who ding. 

Jerry: Here’s what I got. Still got a circular pattern. It’s not as pronounced a C as we used to get, but that’s actually pretty, it’s probably pretty done. if I take the stir tool and go to town on this.  Let’s see what’s up in there. and it’s probably pretty fucking done. 

Troy: I think you got at least one more hit in there, don’t you? 

Jerry: Yeah. If I stir it, I’ll get a nice hit out of it. I’m, this is so full that I’m gonna pull it into my hand. 

Troy: Do you have a ball vape on? 

Jerry: Not on, No. Oh, yeah, there’s more down here. There’s that. Of course you remember that’s that side that’s closest to the heater. So here’s what I’ve got. 

Troy: Okay. 

Jerry: So yeah, that can go for another, We’ll pop that in for another.

Troy: All right. I’m gonna show you my roast. You must, see my ring? 

Jerry: I wanna see your ring, man. Show me your ring. 

Troy: Phrasing. 

Jerry: Wait a second, I’m working it. There we go. 

Troy: Work it, Jerry. 

Jerry: Oh yeah, look at you. 

Troy: That’s a nice ring, isn’t it? 

Jerry: Dude, that’s like a perfect [00:10:00] ring.

Troy: I get that a lot. I get that a lot. 

Jerry: That’s dope. There’s no C or anything, it’s just a ring on that mutherfucker. The Hotspotting is showing the hotter parts of the airflow. in the older version, we had a C that showed up a lot and you could rotate the stem and make up for it. And this one I didn’t rotate at all, but it just goes around in a whole circle. I had some better results with this one. Why I’m still using that shit. I had some better results with my first version, but then I pulled it out earlier today and I’m gonna hit it more tonight. And I still got that circular pattern. But no, that just shows you where the concentration of the heat is. Instead of, having more of a, I guess I’d say laminar heat distribution. It’s it can be spotty at times. That could be dependent on draw speed. I’m not sure. Troy, have you found any more or less one way or another in terms of technique?  Damn it. I really wanna see that. Oh yeah. There you go. Okay. That looks [00:11:00] better than mine. Or looks, It looks like mine. Do you have dark spots from where it was on top?

Troy: There was a, It was a little bit darker where it was on top, but Not much. Not much. 

Jerry: And I’m on seven. Like you were on seven too, right? 

Troy: Yeah, I’m on seven. 

Jerry: I’m gonna put it up to eight for this. I’m gonna put up to seven and a half for this. I’m not go too much further than that. 

Troy: Yeah, I learned that at eight it gets pretty roasty. Eight can get pretty roasty. I heard people that get, get wonderful clouds and wonderful flavor at like even four. 

Jerry: I’m gonna give that shot.

Troy: Let me see what’s left on this. The glass is thick glass. 

Jerry: Love that bubbler, man. Has it got water in it? 

Troy: I didn’t put water in it for tonight because I wanna be able to flip it around and not worry about water going anywhere. 

Jerry: All right, So it’s not one of those, like a pocketable spill proof ones. 

Troy: It might be. I haven’t fluided it yet.

Jerry: It doesn’t look like one. 

Troy: It does have a bar like a separator. I don’t know. I [00:12:00] don’t know, man. But I’m gonna, I’m gonna take this third, third hit, third verse. Same as the first. 

Jerry: There’s nothing left after three for sure. I’ll betcha if I stirred after one, I’d be done in two. Whenever. Whenever you stir, that’s when you’re gonna be done right after that. Shit. I keep forgetting I got my debowler up here, man. I can bring this back into play. This bitch back into play.  So that was my titanium. Then this is the one that I got earlier. I wanna try this one too. This isn’t what? This is a different, They got serial numbers on them now. Damn. They got a lot of numbers on this one. They’ve got lots of numbers. Did you finish that off good? 

Troy: I did. Whatcha know about that 420Vapevape?

Jerry: Almost there, man. Almost there. Pull back a little bit. You’re a little too close. [00:13:00] Maybe. I don’t know. Your fingers look great. There it is. All right. Beautiful. That’s the ticket. By the way, your fingers did look nice, so. Whatcha know about that Vapezone? Yeah, dude, this thing, just continues to do. I’m looking forward to getting into this one. So I really wanna do ’em side by side cuz this fucker hits man. I’m wondering how much different they are on the hit, you know what I

Troy: Compared to the og? 

Jerry: Yeah. Yeah. Iwanna jack that up here. I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna do ’em side by side. Now. I’m gonna do, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna lengthen this one. 

Troy: This thing fucking rips. It’s tasty as hell. So tasty. 

Jerry: Right? Come on dude. Get in there. 

Troy: Let’s put the bubbler away. Let’s get out the water pipe adapter, huh? 

Jerry: [00:14:00] Yeah. Yeah. Were you gonna put it on that bubbler? 

Troy: I’m gonna use, I’m gonna use the super restricted one. He sent a straight 18 as well. I don’t like using it with the basket screens. Like I don’t have good luck with the basket screens. 

Jerry: No, I like packing these. I’ll probably put a, at some point a screen in here cuz those are big holes, so I’ll probably put a screen in there to keep that clean. But like I, I suspect my bubbler’s gonna get nice and, dirty water. Let’s see if that loosened it up. 

Troy: Okay. I’m gonna put mine into session mode and there’s no, there’s no way to get it into session mode if you’re in on demand mode. Just gotta turn it off and then turn it back off. 

Jerry: Yeah. You turn it off and then turn it back on differently. Yeah. 

Troy: Yeah. Okay. How big is the bowl? Do you have a scale there, Jerry? 

Jerry: It’s adjustable. Like I’m fucking with that right now. Cause I, I’m trying to get these the same distance and I’m, and so one’s shorter and one’s deeper. 

Troy: It’s adjustable if you’re using the bowl with the cooling unit or a bowl with a moveable [00:15:00] screen. That’s what comes with, right? I mean that’s,  it comes with the, mine came with the bunch. I got like the bundle, I got that extra a hundred dollars bundle. So some of the ones like this one has the glass screen in there. So that’s not, This one’s not adjustable, This one’s not adjustable.

Jerry: Oh, I got you. So we wanna know how much that one holds. Right on. 

Troy: Yeah. And then like the other water pipe adapters, like this one’s also not adjustable. 

Jerry: Yeah, I get you. I get you now, man. I’m trying to get this fucker to loosen up and move. 

Troy: Yeah, I’m, I’m usually not a fan of glass screens either, man, Especially in the bowls, like for injector, vapes, fucking glass screens. I, I’ve yet to find the glass screen that doesn’t let a bunch of shit through my bong and make my water dirty really fast. Like I, I wanna clean my bong water once a day. And anything beyond that is, [00:16:00] something, there’s something wrong with the bowl. Something wrong with the vape, You know what I mean? 

Jerry: Yeah. All right. I’m gonna pack these. They’re not the same distance. Pain in the ass. I’m gonna pack them. Right side by side. The OG with the new one, Troy. That’s what I’m gonna do. You tracking me? 

Troy: I’m tracking you. 

Jerry: All right. And you’re going in for more bubbler bliss there? Yes. Oh no, you’re putting it on your pipe. Fucking dope. 

Troy: Yeah. I’m gonna put this on. Can you hear that? 

Jerry: Is that what that is? I didn’t know what the fuck that? Mine doesn’t seem to do that. Yours is doing that shit.

Troy: That’s funky. So I wanna put these on seven.

Jerry: That thing is noisy on there, man. 

Troy: What? 

Jerry: It’s noisy on there like that. 

Troy: It is noisy there. I’m sorry.

Jerry: All right. Mine don’t make any noise, bro. It’s all you [00:17:00] on that. This one’s not. What the fuck’s going?

Troy: Oh motherfucker. 

Jerry: Wow. 

Troy: That gets worse. I’m gonna turn mine back up to eight. 

Jerry: Woo.

Troy: Seven. Seven was a little soft. Seven was a little soft for me, Jerry. 

Jerry: How was it? 

Troy: It’s communicating with its partners. Can your, can your vape hear it? Put your vape up to the speakers. Make sure your vape can hear it. 

Jerry: Mine doesn’t. Oh, can I? 

Troy: Not to the, not to the microphone, to the speakers. That way you’re two. 

Jerry: I don’t wanna I don’t wanna hear any of that shit, man. 

Troy: I want your Tinymights to hear it. I don’t have Krisp going. So your Krisp is gonna take out all that noise. I don’t have,

Jerry: Okay. Yeah. Both of mine make noise.

Troy: There’s a fan blowing on me because it’s, I got hot today, got up to a hundred degrees or 90 [00:18:00] something degrees, 93 degrees. 

Jerry: That is a lot.

Troy: Oh, that’s a little roasty.

Jerry: I think I can go through a bowl quicker on the two.

Troy: Yeah, me too. those are good roasts. Oh wait. 

Jerry: They look about the same, don’t they? 

Troy: One of them’s deeper than the other though. 

Jerry: Yeah, that was my bowl, but I’m just showing you the roast. This is the original and this is the two. Original and two.

Troy: Okay. Same temp? 

Jerry: Same temp. Yeah. This one was The original was terpier and biteyer because of it. And this one was done quicker, so it makes sense. less weed, all that kind of makes sense. Now I can swap ’em out. I’m gonna swap ’em. 

Troy: Swap it. 

Jerry: I’m gonna swap ’em. That’s what I’m gonna do. I almost, maybe I should finish ’em off in their respective vapes and then swap ’em. Or do you want, 

Troy: I think you could do whatever you want, man. You could put ’em in your mighty, You could put ’em in your [00:19:00] butt. Put ’em in your ball vape. 

Jerry: I switched them and I’m finishing them off. 

Troy: You switched. Okay, so you switched the Tinymight two. Finishing that in the Tinymight one.

Jerry: Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. 

Troy: Oh shit. Mine is still on dip ass. two three, I guess it’s time to load a freshy. I should have brought the splitter. We could have done the mighty on one side and the tiny might on the other. 

Jerry: Oh, okay. So motherfucker, I think the two woofs harder, quite frankly. 

Troy: What? 

Jerry: I think the two woofs harder 

Troy: than the one? 

Jerry: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Which is amazing. 

Troy: yeah. I would agree with that. not like a huge difference, but it seems like it keeps up better with everything. Like it has better power management or better heat distribution or, I don’t know what’s improved, but it feels like there’s [00:20:00] improvement.

Jerry: It’s fucking impressive, man. Fucking impressive. They twisted the port on the bottom. So the new one here, this is the old one with the port close to the side. And here they’ve taken it, upgraded to USBC and then twisted it. So it’s probably better insulated and spaced with new electronics because this one you can do the quick charge with, I believe the supercharge. with the usbc. So they’ve definitely, that’s what their extra space went into was a little bit of configuration, a little bit of electronics. You get that faster charge. That’s pretty dope, man. Like that. Thanks Troy for manning that for me, man. Hey, this is, cooked man. Very nicely. 

Troy: Perfect. So yeah, I would say, dude, it’s warm shit. I love that. There, there’s a site that has the same shit the Tinymight, and it’s marketed as a hand warmer.  I’m totally gonna make my YouTube video on that, so I’m just gonna make a hand [00:21:00] warmer review. So if you’re watching this now, you know what my YouTube video’s gonna be. It’s gonna be a hand warmer review.

Jerry: That shit’s gonna get banned so quickly. Hey, no hand warmers. Bad for the kids. All right, so now we gotta compare this to the Mighty Plus man.  All right. Sounds good, man. While he does that. I’m gonna pack some bowls here, man. I’m rolling with the tinymight two. And, It’s titanium stem man. I have one from the guy who came up with it first and I really like it. And this one actually came from the tinymight guys, so they include it with the package. I dig it. it’s what I use most of the time cuz I just like not having to sweat breaking shit. I wish it were shorter because the glass is shorter and I really fucking like that. So that’s one thing I might complain about a little bit, but I think that’s easy enough to cut down, man. Anybody can cut it down. Just put any length you want, any other cooling unit too, would cool it down. So I don’t think we need the length at all. I’m excited [00:22:00] about that. Oh, I also wanna put this fucking on bubble or, I haven’t done that yet, but anyway, I gotta pack the mighty. Didn’t do the mighty. Where’s my scoop-de-doop? There it is. Once again. Gotta use this thing or else. This thing’s perfect for the mighty too, man. I get it to where it’s like about, Hang on man, let me see if I can do this. What happens when I do this? Yeah. Perfect. So this scoop here is really big. it’s actually a little more than I. I would ever normally put in the Mighty, but with this scoop I can generally get away with it, not make a big ass fucking mess. Let’s see how it goes. Let’s see how, if I can get any, can I get any in the sides? Not yet. That’s pretty fucking good. So that’s because that’s how Troy packs his fucking mighty man. 

Troy: Hey, look at that. That’s, that is how I pack my mighty. 

Jerry: Right? It’s fucking big. So anyhow That is what I can do with, I was [00:23:00] pimping the scoop on the mighty is what I 

Troy: Look at that debowler. 

Jerry: So are you doing the Mighty and Mighty Plus and TinyMight two? Is that what you’re doing right now? 

Troy: Yeah. I’m not loading quite as much as you did in Your Mighty, but. 

Jerry: Right. That’s how I normally load mine actually. So you and I are switching places here. 

Troy: Oh yeah. Cuz you did the Troy style? 

Jerry: Yeah, exactly. So it’s freaky Friday tonight, guys. Freaky Friday. 

Troy: Freaky Friday. Okay, cuz we’re switching. I see what you guys see. We did there. I get it, I get. 

Jerry: You Got it right. Very good man. That’s good. 

Troy: I’m gonna do another one of these glass bubbler bowls. I’m gonna use the shorty. 

Jerry: Yeah, go for it, man. Because I’m going titanium. 

Troy: My titanium one is set pretty shallow right now. I need to adjust it and I’m scared to adjust it. 

Jerry: Mine might be too, I don’t know that. What are you afraid of? [00:24:00] 

Troy: I just remember making a screen pop out and never not being able to get it back in a position before. So I wanna be careful to not do that. 

Jerry: I need to take it apart and see what’s in the cooling unit these days, cuz 

Troy: Oh yeah, me too. 

Jerry: back in the day it was just nuts and bolts in there, Like it was funny. yeah. I’m gonna take one off and see. I should take, I should do it out of . Is that your mighty ready? I didn’t even turn mine on yet. What temp are you going with? What temps are we doing here? 

Troy: I started at two 10, but I always turn it down to 180, 180 C and then, and 

Jerry: in American. What is that? Why are you fucking with Celsius man? 

Troy: 356. 

Jerry: Oh, so you’re doing temp one. Okay, cool. That’s low. What do you wanna do on the tinymight then? I’m gonna go down to four. I’m gonna go, 

Troy: Okay. Yeah, let’s go down 

Jerry: And the mighty’s so comfortable, bro, at that temp. It’s so comfortable. I really respect that. Oh, [00:25:00] okay. So the Tinymight two feels like it’s either coming really hard with lots of, or it’s going a little hotter. I don’t know. It’s a, definitely a thicker hit there. I feel like I’m moving. Barely tan, no uneven heat. that’s a nice roast so far. Oh man, that is so light and comfortable at 356.

Troy: Time to step that up.

Jerry: We’ll go to 383 on the Mighty and we’ll go to, Let’s go to five and a half, maybe five, and a co five and a half on the Tinymight. Cause from there I’ll just go to, maybe I go to, No, I know what six is. I’m gonna go to five and a half. Oh, I need some water. [00:26:00] Hydrate, brother. 

Troy: Yeah, this, Yeah. I feel like. I can use some water.  Water.

Jerry: That was beautiful. 

Troy: Thanks. Didn’t work though.

Jerry: Still soft on the Mighty Plus. Nice and soft. When anytime I hit more than one vape at a time, man, it catches up to me. Huh? 

Troy: What are you saying?  Throat singing. Got to throw babies in your lung throat singing 

Jerry: Oh,oh. I love doing these kinds of tests, man. Two Fist, Jeroops man.

Troy: Whoa. What’s, I wanna get a screenshot of that. Do that again.

Jerry: hanging on.

Troy: I’m not, I’m good. I got [00:27:00] this. Yeah, I did. I did.  Nope. 

Jerry: Okay. At this point, The mighty’s ready to go up to four 10. And the tinymight two is ready for a stir. It’s not gonna give anything till I stir, so I gotta stir this fucker. That’s what’s going down now. Man. Look at this. This is a great little, So on the lower temp, Perfect roast on here, man. Pretty dang good. Pretty dang good. Sitting there on session mode like that. All right, I’m almost there. I’m almost back in guys. Hang on. I’m almost there. 

Troy: What am I turning up to? Eight. Jesus Christ. 

Jerry: You’re going up to eight. Right on. Okay. Mighty at 410. Tinymight at seven plus. 

Troy: That’s the mighty. 

Jerry: No shit. The Mighty doesn’t make any noise, man. 

Troy: It does. 

Jerry: Oh wait. [00:28:00] There’s a little click. I’ve never heard that before. I never took the fucker and put it right up there.

Troy: Why?

Jerry: Oh, Fucking terpy, shit. 

Troy: That’s exactly it right there.  Did you, did you click one of those? 

Jerry: What? 

Troy: One of the comments? 

Jerry: Nope. You know what? There’s not much left in this. After finishing it at five and a half, I push it up to seven, and I’m not getting much little wisps for a TinyMight. This motherfucker though. Oh, all So what do you think of comparing these two fuckers, man?

Troy: Brain fart. What the, what do I think of comparing these two? I think they’re, again, they’re two different vapes. 

Jerry: Right? But they both have “might” in the name, so we gotta compare ’em.

Troy: I [00:29:00] mean, the Tinymight two, can hit way harder. it’s, you’re gonna taste your more of your weed, it’s gonna hit you harder. it’s not as a much of a luxurious device, know,.Uh, the mighty is just fucking simple. The mighty is simple to use. Just unload it and load it. the Tinymight, a little more things to do. it’s a, still a simple device, but, there’s more to it. there’s, it’s hotter now while in session mode, like the device gets pretty hot, it’s, if you’re into vapes, the Tinymight two over the mighty. Ouch. Fuck. That’s actually really hot. 

Jerry: Sitting for a while. What? What temp you got it on? 

Troy: It was on eight. 

Jerry: Wow. 

Troy: I was trying to finish that bowl out. 

Jerry: Yeah. Wow. 

Troy: I dunno, to me the mighty is still [00:30:00] like a companion vape. And the tiny might is like a vape for vaping weed, if you’re like into vapes and into, like getting high with a vape. if you vape weed all day every day and you wanna vape five or six mighty, or sorry, if you wanna vape five bowls per day and you want them to be casual and easy, friendly for a personal vaporizer, the mighty seems easier to do with that than the tiny might. But if you’re thing is to come home from work and pull out your vape, pull out your weed and get high. The Tinymight kicks the mighty’s ass, 

Jerry: Yeah. It’s It’s like this is your portable volcano. 

Troy: Yeah. 

Jerry: And this is your portable enthusiast desktop. You know what I’m saying? This one kept hitting well after this one was done. [00:31:00] Because the mighty will take it to the end, but it’s a session vape. Whereas the Tinymight, you can finish a bowl on two hits. If that’s your style, man, you really can. So it is more of an enthusiast style hit and even feel, it’s roastier for you, like than the mighty. 

Troy: So to demonstrate the difference of these two, I, when I take the tinymight to the coach to vape, I’ll pack a bowl and I’ll vape that bowl and it’ll be it. When I, when I take the mighty to the couch, I’ll take, I’ll pack a bowl in the Mighty, and then I’ll take a doobtube with me. And I’ll be able to vape multiple bowls with my Mighty, because there, there’ll always be something there, like a little plate or whatever that can just like, like when I’m done with my Mighty, it literally just Yep, ta da. Empty. it’s so easy to empty. And then just like with the Doobtube, bloop, fill it in again. Ta do, you know, surprisingly, a bunch of that actually went into debowler. 

Jerry: [00:32:00] That’s great. 

Troy: Just only some of it went on my desk. 

Jerry: All right. but are you saying that you would take the mighty to the couch and blow through a Doobtube, whereas with the tinymight, you would just hit a bowl? 

Troy: Yep. Because you with the, with that, with the tinymight I need a debowler. 

Jerry: So you saying you just say bowl cuz it’s inconvenient or are you saying cuz you don’t need more cuz it hits differently?

Troy: Mostly inconvenience. 

Jerry: Oh, okay. I was reading that wrong. 

Troy: I mean the tinymight totally gets me more outta one bowl than the mighty would. I’ll carry and vape more bowls with the mighty, like I’ll take the mighty in the car. But carrying multiple hit, hitting multiple bulls in a tinymight on the go to me seems too, too much like the vapor difference on the go to me isn’t worth the interface. I’d rather carry something simpler. And compromise on the vapor, like the mighty. 

Jerry: I can see that. 

Troy: You seen how I fucking fire through Mighty [00:33:00] Bowls in Germany. Like I I vaped the whole, the entire caddies, four capsules in a row, let’s like boom. Line ’em up on my fucking leg. 

Jerry: Can’t you? You wouldn’tbe able to do that with a tiny might. 

Troy: Exactly. 

Jerry: The tinymight for me. I have to stir it. to get that really good last hit. I have to stir it. at least on the higher temperatures with the mighty, I never, I would never even think of Stir in the Mighty and just vape it till it’s done. You know what I mean? So that’s a big deal. I think ease of use, you’re right, you don’t have to stir, easier to load and unload. So if you’re just gonna run around and sesh, you would take the mighty. The Tinymight’s what I would take, if I thought that I needed a vape, I was gonna run out and take a quick hit and get back in. I need something fast and quick and on the road. Tinymight two would fucking trump just about every vape I’ve held for that. It’s really fucking good for that. You know, if I’m in a restaurant and I wanna run outside and take a hit, and not miss a beat at the dinner table. This is what I want in my fucking [00:34:00] pocket loaded and ready to go.

Troy: Yeah. if you, if that’s a good point. if I were working in the city and I had two scheduled breaks, I would want to carry the tinymight two, over the mighty, because I could pack my tinymight two, on the shitter or at my desk, whatever, and have it ready. And then I go outside on my smoke break and I pull out the tinymight two, and I get really intense, really good vapor. That get me smoked quick, like bam. On demand, go back to work. You know, ready to focus, medicated. The mighty is more of sitting on the couch watching TV or mowing the lawn, puffing on the mighty. 

Jerry: Right.

Troy: Working on the car, puffing on the mighty, just puffing on them. Puffing on the vape is the mighty life, and this is more of the intent driven. I’m gonna vaporize some weed and get some really good vapor and these three to six good hits and get really high with it. Like the tinymight absolutely produces [00:35:00] more potent and tastier vapor than the mighty, but the mighty is a different interface, a different lifestyle. Just, vaporizer. 

Jerry: Mighty is,more controlled in my opinion. you know what every hit’s gonna be like on the mighty and it’s gonna feel comfortable at every step. With the tinymight two, it’s pretty well controlled. I’m pretty impressed. It doesn’t run away, but it does get a little, like you, you can finish bowls at lower temperatures quicker and sometimes, like on the higher temp, I think it runs away a little bit. On the lower temp, it seems to be really under controll. I like that. and, and I, again, I wanna,I would remind people that we’re talking from a really heavy user perspective right now. Like for those of you that just take a couple puffs and that’s all you need on a break, then. there’s plenty of people that just don’t vape a lot. And if they’re just gonna vape a little bit real quick, they can take a puff off one of these and be fine. But those people are different. But we’re different. but if you’re a moderate to heavy user, I think everything we said is pretty spot on for you. On, [00:36:00] on, on the difference for these and what they’d hit. I think they’re both fucking rock solid at what they do, bro. I can’t think of another vape that I would use instead of, I can’t think of anything I’d replace this with right now and be like, Oh yeah, I’d have to have that. might grab something else and hit it once in a while, but this is, this feels like top tier shit for what it’s doing. 

Troy: Totally. Totally. with the on-demand, it functions as an on-demand and it functions as a session vape the same. Like you get really good vapor both ways and it’s,the learning curve is so micro. you take a couple puffs to warm it up if it’s not warm yet and ta da. 

Jerry: I love it. Yeah, that’s true bro. That’s funny. 

Troy: And they totally fucking nailed all the problems with the body that I complained about before. like with the [00:37:00] grainy wood and the battery door that just was asking for a cross threading .

Jerry: Yep. Stir tool. 

Troy: They went, they added the usbc and you said that it even takes a fast charger or a 20 WA charger.

Jerry: They sell a fast charger, so I gotta assume we could stick our mighty charger on it. Mighty Plus charger, the supercharge, and go to town. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll do that when this runs out. But, what I haven’t done yet is run any battery life tests. have you run one dry and tracked it yet? 

Troy: I haven’t yet, but everybody that’s been reporting in the Discord says it’s like four bowls per charge.

Jerry: So well, dude, I think we beat the hell outta these man. We spent an hour beating these up. 

Troy: We beat, beat the hell outta some shit, didn’t we? 

Jerry: Yeah, man.