At this point we’re not even sure Canna Bumps was a real product. THC Living is the brand identified as the creator, but there is no mention of Canna Bumps or any other cocaine-like cannabis powder on their website.

Regardless, the response to a potential THC infused nose candy has been ill-received by most marijuana news outlets willing to give it attention.

Troy and Jerry aren’t fans either, but refuse to be closed-minded about it

Are Canna Bumps Safer Than Smoking?

Highly Doubtful. Snuffing tobacco was far more popular years ago and is still a thing today. It’s not widely popular because it causes cancer in the sinus and nasal cavity. While it’s unknown and untested how the human body responds to THC and cannabinoids inhaled through the nose, it’s pretty safe to assume that vaping and eating cannabis are the healthier consumption methods.

Canna Bumps Cannabis Concentrate for your nose
Canna Bumps – Did they really exist?

Would YOU try Canna Bumps?

We want to hear from you on this. Would you try Canna Bumps or any other nasally inhaled powdered marijuana? How about CBD Bumps? Leave a comment below and talk to us!

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