As one of the wider known, mass produced dry herb vaporizers, the PAX has a following that reaches beyond the vape enthusiast community. It’s likely that your average cannabis user has heard of, tried or even owns a PAX. As one of the most widely known and accepted weed vaporizers on the market, they have all the tools to be able to offer their users an app that pairs seamlessly with their devices.

Though they aren’t the first to pair your vape to your phone, they’ve certainly given us more ways to control our sessions. With the PAX App you have the ability to set your preferred dose, find your perfect pod, check pod ingredients, or customize flavor and vapor settings so you can control nearly every aspect of your extraction.

Check out the video to see how we like to use the PAX App to get the most out of our sessions.

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Shop the Pax 3 on Planet of the Vapes OR directly on their site!

Not sure if the Pax is for you?

If the jury is still out on whether or not the PAX is the dry herb vape for your lifestyle, don’t worry. Weed vapes are more popular now than ever, and there’s a wide catalogue to choose from. New to vapor? Want a vape that will give you a similar profile or affect as smoking? Check out our Best Vapes for Smokers article. Whether you like joints and blunts, or pipes and bongs, there‚Äôs a dry herb vaporizer for everybody.

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