Videos on this post are from the November 17th livestream. Watch the full stream here

First up, a dispensary visit

Technically, I got here Thursday night, but Troy and I will go to a dispensary first thing Friday morning and get some of Cali’s finest! I trust Troy can get me through the night on his stash. In fact, I didn’t pack anything vape related except one cart pen for the airports. I don’t think I’ve ever travelled so lightly, and I’m sure I could only do it with a place like Troy’s. I have zero concerns about suffering with a crap vape!

Right after the dispensary visit, we will stream live and have fun with you guys a few hours earlier than normal.

Mail Call

Troy is expecting a pretty hot package to arrive before Friday afternoon, so keep your fingers crossed. I hope I’m there to unbox it with him and you guys live on the stream…pure sweetness!

Then to the Storz & Bickel Party

This is why I’m here. Story & Bickel is throwing a party for the Venty release, and I’m out here to party and hang with Troy. Funny thing is, Troy and I haven’t seen each other in person since we were in Germany at the Storz & Bickel factory. I’m really starting to appreciate what S&B is doing for our relationship!

An extra weekend

I’m gonna hang through the weekend with Troy. There should be plenty of vapor and scheming! Then I’m back home to the regular on Monday.

Small Ass Gallery

Here’s some travel pics while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!

vape pen

I still rock the Stache Slim battery. This time with a Sativa cart. TSA doesn’t give a shit…

gate b9

Check out the work getting done at Chicago O’Hare airport! This is a dope gate.


Got myself a new suitcase with a USB charge port on it! Just connect a power bank inside and access it from the outside. Pretty cool.

lactation pod

La Leche is strong in Chicago! These things are all over the airport. I didn’t have the balls to go inside and ask for some milk…

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