Last week we dedicated an entire episode to Dynavap and their myriad of thermal extraction devices and 3rd party makers. One thing that stood out was the amount of artist and artisans making vapes and vape accessories.

Tonight we’re going to explore our collections of vapes and cannabis paraphernalia to highlight all of the handmade and artisan products.

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Artisan Vape & Accessory Makers

Eds TNT – Ed started out making dugouts and luxury Arizer stems out of wood. Today Ed makes wooden accessories for a dozen or so different vapes and even has his own desktop vaporizer: The Woodscents. Find Ed and his products at

Doug’s Woodery

KG Woodcraft – Alyson has been making Dynavap stems long than most, and she’s been involved with the dry herb vape community since its formation. Her stems and creations are available at

Artisan Miller – Formerly Artisans Daughter. These are some really nice Dynavap stems, handmade with turned wood and acrylic. Available on instagram.

Sticky Brick Labs – Sticky Brick vapes are handmade in a shop and designed by an artisan. These vapes are manufactured using traditional woodworking tools. Sticky Bricks are available in several models and wood variations at Planet of the Vapes.

O’connell Woodworks – O’connell makes Dynavap Stems as well as wooden butane vaporizers similar to the Sticky Brick. His vapes and accessories are available on his website.

Lamart P80 – You know we love Lamart vapes. Remember when we compared the P80 to the TinyMight? The P80 takes a successful box mod and pairs it with a roaring heater! If you order one of these, make sure to bring your patience. They’re made in small batches. Ralph also makes the Piro butane vape and TetraX 510 heater.

Firewood vapes – What are we on now, version 7? Firewood vapes have been at it for a long time, and the vapor is pretty refined and consistent. Firewood 4, 5 and 6 were focused on bringing the stash with you, while the 7 returns to holding just one bowl at a time. Grab your stash jar and hit the road with the 7.

Old log vapes: Purple Days and HotPod

Epicvape is mass-producing (or close to it) the log vape better than anyone. When you need efficiency, log vapes come to mind, and this is the easiest one to get. It also has the least obtrusive temperature control of the log vapes. The E-nano is available at Planet of the Vapes.

REFC Labs – RedEye Flight Control makes butane powered vapes and also creates killer anodization art-vapes. Available at

Dynabox – Various Dynavap and other vape related accessories from Poland. Available at

Underdog – Underdog has made log vapes for what seems like an eternity, somehow coming through even after a fire that ran through their town. If they can get back to making log vapes, buy with confidence.

Vapbong – Is it art, a vape, or a sex toy? Who cares…it vapes like a fucking mack truck. Save up your money and get in line. Each one is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Nomad – Dan Morrison makes some of the most beautiful vapes you’ll ever see. His vapes are unicorns – every piece is hand-made, even the screws! It takes a lot of time and patience to get one, but you won’t regret it.

Okin – The original Dan Morrison vape. No longer in production.

Simrell Collection – Austyn is crushing the vape accessory scene. From DynaVap to the Glass Cage, he keep making stuff I have to use. Check him out and keep coming back. There’s always something new.

TinyMight – Another hard-to-get portable vape. We hope to see this mass produced one day, but for now there are still waits. The hits off it are tremendous, and will make you forget how long it took to get it. On-demand and session convection.

RBT – Looks like you can still get some of the 510 attys at

Toasty Top & Heat Island –

MistVape – This is a one-man shop that makes the smallest vapes. Unfortunately, the vape shipping ban has him closing shop on April 7th.

Lil Bud – No longer in production. Manual and regulated on-demand convection portables.

Timberhead Designs – Handmade wooden accessories made *for* your vapes. Amazing accessories for Dynavap, Rio, and more available at

510 Attys: Slinter, Impcognito, etc

Artisanal Dynavap Stem Makers

Aezhenn Wood – Instagram

Resources By Design – Instagram