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Joe grows our favorite fire

Jealousy x Runtz 8

When we first met Joe at the Storz & Bickel Venty release party, we hoped we would do more with him. His vibe is super chill and his weed is fire. Sometimes things work out! Since then, we discovered the Quantum Nug machine and have enjoyed Snowtill’s finest. If you join us regularly on Friday nights, you’ve seen us get blasted from some sweet nugs, courtesy of Joe and Snowtill.

Tonight we try to return the favor, and introduce Joe to one of our very favorite ball vapes, the Screwball from Vapvana (Save 10% with code “troyandjerry”)! Joe’s no stranger to good vapor, with a collection that includes a lot of S&B’s finest vapes. But we’re sure he’ll find a new level of vapor power with the Screwball.

Troy and I can’t build up Snowtill weed enough. Twice Troy has said a bowl of Snowtill was his best strain of the year. I have nothing to compare to it. I roll with really good weed, but this is on another level! If you ever have a chance to try some Snowtill, don’t pass it up.

You can keep up with Joe and Snowtill flower here:

Website:  Snowtill


Planet of the Vapes

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