Dynavap is a premium manufacturer of cannabis extraction devices from Wisconsin. They’ve been leading and innovating in the dry herb vaporizer revamped their entire line of Thermal Extraction Devices in 2021.

Dynavap Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs) are used by cannabis users both medicinally and recreationally as an alternative to smoking. Traditional bongs, joints, and blunts use combustion and smoke to delivery THC and other cannabinoids, but modern cannabis users demand a better method.

Smoking destroys nearly 75% of the cannabinoids and terpenes immediately – with no chance of ever being tasted or absorbed.

Dynavap TEDs use an enclosed chamber that mimics a one-hitter with a cap. The Dynavap Cap remains over the loaded bowl during use and will help maintain appropriate extraction temperatures. The cap also features a thermal protection device that will *click* during heat-up to let you know your extraction is ready. The subsequent *click* will let you know the tip has cooled down and you’ll need to re-heat.

Dynavap VapCap M

The “M” is the flagship model TED from Dynavap. While budget-friendly, the $79 Vapcap M is built from durable stainless steel and will last several lifetimes with appropriate care. The Vapcap M features a stainless steel tip, while the Omni and Vong come with a Titanium Tip.

Tips and caps can be purchased separately and there are a hundreds of 3rd party stems, bodies, mouthpieces, and other Dynavap accessories available.

Dynavap Omnivap

The Omni is the Cadillac of the Dynavap lineup. The body of the device is 100% titanium and is longer and lighter than the “M”.

The Omni features an adjustable airport. I like to crank mine almost all the way closed and use the Omni as a ‘fidget-less interface’ – I heat it up and use it just like the other Dynavap TEDs, except I completely ignore the airport hole. It makes the experience more mind-freeing and I enjoy the Omni most while working. The Omni is $220.

Dynavap Vong

The Vong is the answer to a lot of questions. Want something that will vape weed on a bong? The Vong.
Want something a little more substantial in the hand, like a fattie or a blunt instead of a joint? The Vong.
Want something with a little more character than all that shiny metal and fancy surface work? The Vong.

The Vong has a fatter wooden outter barrel that makes magic in-between your fingers and makes you want to puff-puff pass.

The titanium mouthpiece fits native to a 10 or 14mm female glass bong – which is perfect for vaporbonging.

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