It’s Spring 2021, and that means a new Dynavap VapCaps! The latest Dynavap M is yet another improvement to the series and feels like mission accomplished. It’s the ultimate Dynavap Vapcap and it’s budget-friendly.

New look is just as potent

2021 Dynavap Vapcap M
The 2021 Dynavap Vapcap M

The muscles behind the M, the tip and cap, have the same monster feel as previous years, but with a more functional look. Instead of a cute, hidden M along the outer side of the bowl, the new M has a hammered look that holds the Captive Cap on better than last year’s model. I’m pretty sure there will be debate within the DynaVerse about which M tip is the best, but in my opinion, this year’s version is in the same league as 2019 and 2020 – the differences are subtle.

Big body improvements

This year’s big gains are to the functional feel DynaVap continually strives to improve. They nailed the tactile functionality, and I can find my way around this TED in the dark, no problems. The rocker on the underside of the airport really stands out, guiding my fingers into place. The textured, hourglass shape near the tip is meant for twirling – you can’t miss it. You don’t need to upgrade to the 2021 M for the vapor, but you might just for the body.

Approaching Omni speed

Two years ago there was a lot of space between the M and the Omni. But now it could be argued that the M is just as good. The Omni will always have titanium over the M’s stainless steel, but you no longer have to spring for the Omni for upsell features. Both TEDs have a tapered mouthpiece to mate with 10mm glass. Both have an adjust-a-bowl with two positions. And both have dual airports that create turbulence as they direct air down alternating sides of the condenser tube. The M has never felt so high class.

Dynavap Vapcap with Induction heater

Killer price

Very few vapes priced under $100 are worth a damn, let alone become staples in the marketplace. At just $75, the 2021 M is a stellar deal. Yes, you need a lighter and some practice, but everything else about it is on point. In the US, you can pick one up at DynaVap or Planet of the Vapes.

Do you need it?

If you’re getting your first VapCap, this is a great place to start, and maybe end. It’s good enough to complete your search, unless you want something electronic or with a different ritual. If you want the best possible value, look for deals on the 2020 M – there should be plenty later this year.

If you’re a collector or a DynaFreak, you already know you’re going to get one.

But what if you’re somewhere in the middle? If you have an M from 2019 or 2020, or any titanium tip VapCap, then you don’t need an upgrade for the vapor. Only owners of M’s from before 2019 need that. But if you also want that perfect feel, this is the M to get. It hits as hard as any other, and feels right at home in your hand.