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The Vapvana Screwball First Look

The Screwball Kit

There’s a new vape maker to the scene – Vapvana. Rising from the community, the latest vape, the Screwball (save 10% with code “troyandjerry”), is aptly named. It’s a ball vape that, technically, isn’t a ball vape. It’s got gem-shaped rubies in the heat exchanger instead of spheres, but I’ll get to that in a minute. The kit includes what you see in the pic above, plus a brush and a cool scoop that’s pictured in the gallery below.

The crew at Vapvana started out on a Quest for Quartz in the chase for the perfect low-temp flower dab, but ended up with a titanium housing full of gems. They teamed up with a manufacturer I very much approve of, and got help with beta tests from the crew at Recommended Vape Supplies (in the UK).

We’ve covered a lot of ball vapes this year (thank God!) and each one has brought something unique to the table. The Screwball does, too. For starters, it’s got a six-wrap coil heater (huge), all titanium housing and bowl, and all those gems inside. Let’s get to those gems…

Gem Shaped Balls!

heater full of gems

Look at all that treasure! After testing different sized coils, Vapvana set their sites on the balls inside. There were questions to answer, like “what should the balls be made of?” and ” how big should our balls be?” Their test results were interesting, and they landed on 750 2.5mm gem shaped rubies (corundum) for a heat exchanger.

You can see them any time you want. When the vape is off and cold, just unscrew the top of the heater housing and the gems are on full display. They’re gorgeous and really small, but you can make them out in the picture above. I have some more pics of one individual gem in the gallery below.

But does it matter? What do all those gems do? And did they hit the mark they aimed for? Watch the video!

Tips and First Impressions

Screwball on VapVanna glass

This has been fun to test. Here are some of my random thoughts after a week or so with the Screwball.

  • The airflow, by design, is just a little tighter than something like the Terp Hammer. But not by much. I think it’s that gem shape. For me, the draw speed is perfect. I don’t want to huff as hard as I can.
  • It’s definitely in the ball vape lane – it smacks.
  • The cook on the herbs is incredibly even!
  • The bowl is huge, and the fit on the heater is good. I can tell a lot went into this bowl.
  • The abv is nice and evenly cooked.
  • Low temp hits are great on this thing. 

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream Friday night!

The Screwball Kit

The Screwball – the heater, bowl, and PID (temp controller).


This controller has been out for a while – solid, affordable choice. I ran two of my Flowerpots off them for my El Nino rig.

The bowl assembled

The bowl with its 18mm short-tapered connection on the bottom.

The bowl exploded

Just three parts to the bowl.

bowl on side 2

The bowl from this angle…

bowl on side 1

…and the bowl from that angle.

look into the bowl

I told you it was a big bowl. They say it holds up to 0.4 grams. Yes!

look up the bowl bunghole

Flip the bowl over and there’s the bunghole. I like to get the word “bunghole” into every post.

Screwball on stand

The whole heater, and my not-favorite stand. I won’t get into it again.

the handle

Closeup of the handle. Looks like some kind of silicone mold handle with a shrink-wrap over it. I like the feel of it.

side view ofheater

Six wraps is a lot for a coil heater. The fit is nice and tight, too. This thing brings it!

Deep chimney on heater

Flip the heater over and you can see how deep the bowl inserts into the housing when it’s seated properly.

underside of heater

The bottom is a screen held in place with a c-clip. This is the best view of the gem shaped rubies without taking it apart.

top of heater

Frmo the top you can see the ruby color hiding inside.

heater with cap removed

This was very easy to open up and reassemble. Nicely done.

heater full of gems

Wow! What does 750 itty-bitty gem-shaped balls look like?

Gem cut pic 3

A closeup of one gem. It was not easy for me to get just one out and in frame. Even harder to get close with any focus! You can see the gem shape to it.

Gem cut pic 1

This angle shows the flat top pretty well…

Gem cut pic 2

…and here you can see the pointy bottom.

Screwball on VapVanna glass

The Screwball mounted on revapes’ Chugga-Jug Bubbler. It’s a nice combo!

Vapvana Products 2

Speaking of Recommended Vape Supplies (recvapes) from the UK, here’s a sample of things they carry that told me they stock quality shit.

Vapvana Products 1

The dab pen and hot knife on the left are made by a solid manufacturer that’s usually on the cutting edge of dab pens. The SQP (scoop) is dope and affordable. Water Tool Adapter on the right.

Tell us about your balls!

Are your balls big or small? Round or edgy? Clear or colored? Hit us up in the comments below and let us know what you rock, and why!

Planet of the Vapes

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