We have all you need to know about the Mighty dry herb vaporizer right here. Forget searching youtube for multiple takes and alternatives. We break it down for you in three short videos. First we’ll tell you why the Mighty’s worth it. Then we tell you why you don’t need a Mighty. Finally, we tell you what you could get instead of a Mighty. It’s a Mighty extravaganza! Let’s get to it…

Is the Mighty worth it, seven years later?

It’s been a while, right? Fair question. We both agree…absolutely! Whether it’s Troy’s years of heavy use, or the mountain of reviews I’ve pored over, it’s clear the Mighty is worth it.

Why you don’t need a Mighty

How about a little devil’s advocate? You don’t need to spend $350 to get a good dry herb vape. There are a lot of very satisfying Honda vapes out there for less than half the price of a Mighty. Even some with more features. Here’s the argument against the Mighty.

Mighty alternatives. What to get instead.

What if you have $350, but want to spend it on multiple vapes instead? This video’s a good argument for that. In fact, it’s the route I went when I switched from smoking to vaporizing. You could get a desktop and a portable vape for that, or a handful of portables.

If multiple vapes is for you, check out these killer combos instead of a Mighty. If you want to watch our rundown of these combos, check out our livestream recording. It was a lot of fun!

Arizer Solo 2 ($165) + Dynavap 2021 M ($75) [10% Discount CODE: TroyandJerry] + PotV One ($100) = $345

Elev8r ($70) + Dynavap 2021 M ($75) [10% Discount CODE: TroyandJerry] + POTV Starry ($100) = $245

BONG RIPPERS: Boundless Tera ($200) + DynaVap BB6 ($66) = $266

HERBS PLUS DABS: Stache RIO ($200) [10% Discount CODE: TroyandJerry]+ Healthy Rips Rogue ($160) = $360

Epicvape E-nano ($200) + POTV ONE ($100) = $300

Titanium w/carb cap = $308

Arizer Extreme Q ($164) + Arizer Solo 2 ($164) = $328

Storz & Bickel Plenty ($249) + Dynavap 2021 M ($75) [10% Discount CODE: TroyandJerry] = $325

Storz & Bickel Crafty+ ($237) + Dynavap 2021 M ($75) [10% Discount CODE: TroyandJerry] = $312

Sticky Brick Runt ($140) + Healthy Rips Rogue ($160) = $300

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