Not long ago you had to plop down $150 or more for a decent weed vape, and $100 has been the standard for years, but today you can have a legitimate vape that doesn’t suck for just $50! The DynaVap B crashed that price barrier last year, and this year XVAPE dropped the Mambo by Cheech and Chong for those that need an electric option. In this video we beat up and talk about both, as well as a couple vapes that have performed at the $70 price point for a little while now – the AirVape XS GO and the GPen Dash.

DynaVap B – Still the One

Make no mistake about it, the B still punches the hardest on the smallest with the power of fire. The ritual is simple (I don’t twirl my B during heat up) and the bowl is half-sized, so it’s perfect for a beginner or someone hesitant to give vapes a try. The DynaVap B is the Vapcap to share, especially when you can’t be there to get people started off on the right foot! And you’ll save 10% at the DynaVap website with code “troyandjerry”.

Cheech and Chong’s Mambo by XVAPE

This vape was actually the inspriation for the stream, as it’s the first electronic vape to hit the $50 price barrier that works well! And it’s not just another “me too” conduction vape. The Mambo uses full convection to hit differently than what you’re used to in the cheap vape space. In this video Troy shows off his technique for some cloudy and tasty rips, and we show off the little details. It’s on-demand and works well with dosing capsules…check it out! 

AirVape XS GO

The AirVape XS GO has been out for a few years now and earned an early reputation for value. It’s a simple conduction vape that hits well with five different temps and a stir tool tucked inside near the charge port. It’s only $69, which is a stretch for a $50 vape article, but worth mentioning.

GPen Dash

Our final entry is another honerable mention since it comes in at $70. The GPen Dash is the smallest of the bunch, and has even been picked up by Mike Tyson for an extra $10. That doesn’t make it worth a shit, just interesting. It has a small bowl and smaller battery, which will put off heavy users, but make it perfect for the occassional vape session. This one is a good entry level vape for the casual user.

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