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Snowtill Organics is fire!

snowtill nugget

Troy and I are really excited about this segment! When I went to LA in November for the Storz & Bickel Venty release party we met the owner and grower at Snowtill Organics and sampled ALL his weed! I literally ran the battery dry on the Venty going through all his flavors. A Snowtill selling point is they like to use living, no-till soil for all these fine plants.

The aromas are dank and the crystals are glassy as hell – beautiful to smell and look at! Tonight we sample Mirage, one of four strains we will review over the next two months. The smell of the Mirage buds reminded one family member of Amsterdam. We won’t provide any links to the herbs themselves – you’ll have to look around to see if they are available in your area.

In addition, tonight Troy and I will discuss how we use vapes to dive into a nugget, and how we evaluate weed. This will be fun and informative, and we hope to get hammered along the way!

Thermal Twist Injector – ball-less ball vape!?

tempest 3

Tonight we beat up the Thermal Twist Injector, the latest desktop vape from a collab between Crossing Tech and Recvapes. It claims to be a ball-less vape, which is easy to confirm, but does it hit like the balls? We’ll answer that question tonight live on the stream!

The Twist looks like a normal ball vape with the long handle, exposed coil heater and PID controller, but it has zero balls inside. Instead, there is a little spiral path that twists through a metal heat sink inside the metal housing. I expected someone to go for a ball vape without all the balls, and this is the first one to hit the market.

Balls make a great heat exchanger due to their purity, simplicity, and affordability. Literally anyone can make a ball vape at home for less than $100.  But they lack the durability and consistency that I think most manufacturers will want in a mass-produced vape. At the end of the day, it’s all about heat transfer, and any good heat sink will do.

We have both stainless steel and titanium versions of the Twist, so we’ll break them both out tonight and see if there is any real noticable difference. Grab your best weed and biggest vape and join us as we get hammered with these vapes and the Snowtill Organics buds!

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

herbal hands

My selection of nuggets tonight from Snowtill Organics.

bud closeup 1

Closeup – holy shit!

bud closeup 2

Mutherfucking frosting!

twist kit

The Thermal Twist Injector package with a bubbler from Recvapes.

the twist injector

The Twist on its stand. This stand is a little better than others in this style.

on a bubbler

The Twist mounted on the bubbler.

bowl closeup

Closeup of the bowl assembled and mated to the bubbler.

bowl exploded

The bowl exploded. All these parts come with the kit. The bowl has a 14mm gong connection, and the 18mm/14mm reducer is included. Nice touch!

the scoop

The SQP – Recvapes scoop and tamp tool. Me likey!


This PID has been around the block many, many times. It’s average, but I trust it.


The metal stand. The Twist sits on top and the hot parts don’t touch the stand. This is good.


I recognize this handle from the Screwball. It feels like heat-shrink coating and has a soft grip to it.

spare parts

Included parts. A couple screens, an extra set of screws for the heater cover, and an allan wrench to put it all together.

ss and ti injectors

SS head on the left, Ti on the right. The SS is a little colored from use, but I haven’t used the Ti yet.

injector exploded

The Injector expleded.

naked injector

The injector without the coil attached.

injector top

Top of the injector.


Bottom of the injector. Bunghole shot!

2-piece injector

The injector is two parts that screw together – the housing and the heat exchanger.

heat exchagner

The heat exchanger is pretty cool looking. Several spiral paths to heat soak the air.

heat exchanger exploded

The heat exchanger comes apart into three pieces – the path, the lid, and the screw.

air path

The path by itself. 

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about Snowtill Organics or the Thermal Twist Injector? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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